Xiaomi Mi 5X And Xiaomi Mi 6 Finally Available to Buy

Xiaomi is a popular smartphone brand in Asia, China and India are its major markets. The phones are so well-received that the company released two products this year, and it is not even autumn yet! However, users were surprised that neither has been launched in India.

Now we have reasons to believe that India will receive the Xiaomi smartphone very soon. Xiaomi’s twitter account has some interesting tweets that hint towards an upcoming launch.

Twitter teasing

Xiaomi recently tweeted various images depicting the Flagship Dual Camera, a known feature of both Xiaomi Mi 5X and Xiaomi Mi 6. Both of these phones have a dual camera setup, but the tweet revealed that only one handset will be launched. Xiaomi also asked their users to guess which one “RT if you know which product we will launch! #FlagshipDualCamera.” The tweets offered us even more details. Apparently, the release will take place on September 5 (“Save the date: 5 September, 2017”), at a New Delhi event.

It is very unlikely that these tweets are about a new smartphone (like the upcoming Xiaomi Mi MIX 2) and it is very probable that they will finally release the latest Xiaomi handsets in India. The hashtag also gave it away: #XiaomiGlobalLaunch.

Since Xiaomi said that they will release just one smartphone we can only wonder which one. The representation of the dual camera setup can be about them both. However, Mi 6 is more of a flagship product than the other one. On the other hand, the Mi 5X has a lower price and it is the one that was recently released in China, so it is very likely that they will choose this one. It is hard to guess so we will have to wait in order to find out but make sure to avail the latest offers on mobile phones from Couponsmonk.

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