3 Steps To Redeeming Your Recently Received Google Play Credit On Your Kindle Device

If you got a Google Play credit through email, you might be wondering if you can spend it on Amazon.  While the credit can be spent on buying most things from many online stores, there are still several restrictions that were put in place on how it could be used. 

3 Steps to Redeem Your Google Play Gift Card

  • You’ll need to open the Google Play Store up.
  • Hit the Menu button and choose Redeem.
  • When asked to, enter the code and choose Redeem.

Once the gift card is redeemed, you’ll have credit you can spend how you want. If you want to spend it on Amazon, it can only be spent on intangible apps for the Kindle device.  This means you cannot purchase tangible products from Amazon.  

Before any of this can be done, you need to enable the sideloading option. This lets you install other sources’ apps. Kindle only recognizes the Amazon App Store for as the official source of downloading and installing apps. However, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with it.  Just go to “Unknown Sources” and enable the option. You’ll be able to start installing apps from any third-party source.  

  • Go to the Main Screen of your device and swipe down. Hit More.
  • Tap Device, Allow Installation of Applications and hit “Unknown Sources.” This will turn the option on. 

Kindle does not recognize Google Play Store as a source for apps. Therefore, you’ll need to look for a copy of the Google Play Store APK file on the Internet. Once the downloading and installing is complete, shut off your Unknown Sources option going through the above steps once more. 

Sideloading can be dangerous to your Kindle device, as it’s possible for malware to be installed as well. When you turn off the “Unknown Sources” option, you reduce the chance of getting malware or other viruses installed on the device. 

How To Send The Google Play Credit

  • Open the app for Google Play Store.
  • Hit the Menu button and choose “Send gif.”
  • Choose the gift you’d like to send, following the directions to finish up the purchase.
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