EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Review

Losing files and data is the kind of nightmare no one would want to experience even in sleep. But it has been known to happen for a huge variety of reasons, including accidentally clicking the format button. Good thing recovery software is available.

The EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac and Windows is making waves, what with its many features. But how exactly does it perform as Mac data recovery software?

File recovery

As a professional data recovery tool, it can recover all file types, including the unclassified ones. You can use it to restore audio, archive, document, email, graphics, and video that were deleted from a drive or a partition.

What is even better is that it will work with unrecognized drives, those that were accidentally formatted. So if you accidentally deleted a partition, this recovery software will bring it back to life.

Disk image creation

With a copy of your corrupted drive, the possibility of you corrupting data by accident is minimized. This is because you will be working with the image instead. You can make a mistake and not have to worry a thing.

Full display of filename

Don’t you just hate it when recovered files are renamed to something gibberish? This Mac data recovery software does the opposite. Even if the drive has been deleted, the recovered files will be displayed with their full filenames, making it easier to choose which ones to restore.

If you’re looking at a huge list of files, you can easily run a search using the filename. If you remember most of them, your work will be faster.


The EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard works across multiple drive formats—FAT, NTFS, APFS, etc. and can be used in almost every disaster recovery situation. Apart from hard drives, it recovers data from memory cards, USB storage, and more.

File recovery size

The recovery software can only recover data at a maximum of 2GB, which isn’t much if the drive has a huge number of files that need to be restored. You have to pay for a full license or upgrade to the commercial version if you want to recover more data.


EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is handy in case of accidents. It is easy to configure and flexible enough.

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