VPN for Anonymous Browsing: How to Hide Your IP

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Want to surf the net in a way, which is secure, anonymous, and private? Get a VPN. If you have ever wondered how so many websites can offer you different stuff depending on your browsing history, then you need a VPN.

Having a virtual private network eliminates so many issues you face online, including the one, which we’re talking about right now – how to hide my ip and stay private online. With the development of mobile computing, online marketing strategies, and IoT, the question of cyber security and making data less sensitive online is the hottest one. Unfortunately, it concerns not only big corporations and governmental organizations, which have special cyber security departments, aimed to protect important data from potential hacker attacks. As an average Internet user, you have to take care of your Internet experience yourself.

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VPN for Security, Privacy, and Anonymity

How many times have you done your banking online, or received important business-related emails while sitting in a coffee shop or in the airport? That’s how many times you were risking your personal data and traffic online. Public networks and free WiFi zones are the number one reason why your mobile devices might be hacked by a cyber criminal. Of course, if you don’t use a VPN. The same thing is with the websites, which constantly gather your browsing history for their own marketing goals.

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is an invisible tunnel to transfer the incoming and outcoming traffic in the encrypted form. In other words, a VPN system creates a personal network for you only. Nobody else except you can reach that network, even if you’re using the same WiFi signal at the moment. The principle is very simple:

  • You pick a VPN service you like and download it on your device. There are different VPNs online – from free to paid, from one OS to several OS-oriented, etc. Check Bestvpnrating.com for more information;
  • Then, you open the service, which you’ve installed, and pick a server from the list. The better VPN is, the bigger is the number of servers and countries it offers. And voila! Now, your Internet connection is fully protected, private, and anonymous. Nothing more is required. Just one click and you’re connected to a VPN.

Not everyone knows that a VPN is not only about privacy and hiding your IP address. It is also about expanding your Internet experience. That means that with a VPN you can easily open those websites and content, which are blocked for some reasons in your country. You can even watch movies and TV-shows on Netflix of any other country different from the US.

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A VPN will be also useful for those people who travel a lot. If you have ever been to China, you know how serious Internet censorship can be. With a VPN, you shouldn’t care that your favorite websites or any useful sources, which you might need on the road, will be blocked. So, get a VPN and enjoy being online.

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