Saints Row 5: Rumors, Release Dates, And The Latest Updates In Mid-2018

Saints Row 5

The impressive reviews of Saints Row IV have increased the popularity of the fourth installment of the series. In fact, it has generally received positive reviews, as reviewers praised its character customization options and over-the-top humor.

Thus, you can’t ignore the fact that many of those who have played the most recent game would seek for the next release. However, the possibility of its release would only be on the basis of speculations and rumors.

This is due to some setbacks that Volition, the game’s developer, has experienced in the past years. Nevertheless, there might always be hope for a sequel even how unlikely it would seem to be.

Multiplayer Mode

Saints Row is a franchise known to have a single-player gameplay. But the fans would love to see it in a multiplayer mode. So when the developer would consider community feedback, then the possibilities are high.

Moreover, Saints Row producer Jim Boone has now returned after leaving the company in 2017. Therefore, he should become one of the contributors if there should ever be a fifth title to the franchise. Besides, his return might be a sign that Saints Row 5 has become a reality instead of being just a rumor.


There were comments regarding the previous title to have missed the decent in-game customization option. So, fans of the multiplayer mode have also requested to introduce some customizations, including microtransactions. But this can only happen when the developers would take these suggestions seriously.

Rumored Release Date

According to sources, rumors would become real in the coming months, as there might be additional updates regarding Saints Row 5. Take note that Saints Row was first launched in 2006. Then a sequel followed a couple of years after in 2008.

Challenges Faced By The Franchise

Without letting the fans wait, the third title was released in 2011. Then, following it in 2013, the fourth title was then developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. The problem with the franchise was that it was having issues with Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5, being its serious competitor.

Agents Of Mayhem?

You might be wondering where is Saints Row 5 since it should only have at least 2 years interval between each title release. Well, you might not expect the same title in the next installment of the game. In fact, Agents of Mayhem may have been the next title to the franchise.

Nothing seems like a copy of GTA, anyway, making it have its own identity. So, Deep Silver and Volition is not going to name the game Saints Row 5. Nevertheless, here are some of the expected features you are going to get should Saints Row 5 would push through.

  • Having a unique genre, as it goes back to its gangster roots
  • Looking a lot similar to Saints Row 2
  • Perhaps a new super power or wide array of weapons
  • Able to customize super powers, cars, and character body parts

Artificial intelligence powered enemies and bosses.

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