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Could you love to upgrade your home security system without spending a penny every month on a professionally monitored home security system? Even though a monitored home security system is ideal, not every homeowner can afford it. If you’re not able to invest in a home security system yet, there are other effective ways to protect your home.

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Homes with security measures tend to be less likely to experience a break in than houses without these security systems. For this reason, it is good to invest in a monitored security system. But because that cannot be an alternative for every homeowner, here is the list of hacks that can assist you in protecting your home without using any professional system.

Continue reading for insights about securing your house without the use of sophisticated security systems.

Convince the Intruders Someone is Home

Intruders like to attack unoccupied houses, and the majority of break-ins take place between 10 AM and 3 PM when people are not home. So, try to convince the community with less-honorable intentions that there is some home to discourage the intruders from targeting your home. There are some things you can do to make it appear that you are home even when you are miles away.

Buy Smart Lightbulbs

Smart bulbs allow you to switch your lights off or on when you are far from home, or you can program them to a set mode. This is one of the simplest ways to make your house appear occupied. Make sure you invest in a smart bulb that can work well with other intelligent home gadgets and loaded with helpful features.

Control Home Appliance with a Smart Plug

A smart plug serves like an automatic time but with numerous useful features. The device can be controlled remotely while you are far from your house. Alternatively, you can synchronize it with Alexa and use your voice to control it. You can command it to switch on TV or music on and off such that it appears someone is at home.

Ensure your Mailbox is Empty

If you are planning to go on the vacation of a couple of days, notify your post office to suspend the deliveries or request a friend/relative to check the mailbox regularly. If you receive newspapers daily, ask them to stop the deliveries so you won’t have a pile of unread papers on your porch notifying intruders that you are not home.

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Leave your Car in the Driveway

A finding of the previous intruders indicated that most of them would rethink attacking a house if there is a vehicle seen in the driveway. So, keep your car in the driveway, especially if you plan to be away for long. Request your friend to check in on your house regularly so that the vehicle would be seen coming and leaving from your home.

Clear all the Outdoor Hiding Locations

Here are a couple of things to implement and make it hard for an intruder to get into your home unnoticed.

Invest in Outdoor Lights

Exterior lights that come with motion detectors will make it hard for intruders to get into your house unseen, and if they succeed, a light suddenly switching on might deter anyone thinking to break into your house. The exterior lights make your patio safe even when you are not worried about intruders since you can see where you are stepping whenever you come home late.

Install Exterior Cameras

Exterior cameras are an ideal investment if you want to dissuade prospective burglaries and thefts.

Monitor and Control your Home While You are Away

Advanced technology allows many homeowners to quickly check in their homes even when they are miles away.

Use a Smart Lock to Control who gets into Your Home

A smart lock allows you to monitor and control who enters your house while you’re away. It will enable you to lock and unlock your door via your smartphone, give visitors temporary access to your access and give frequent guest such as a dog walker regular access.

Invest in a Video Doorbell

While a smart lock lets you decide who enters your house, and a video doorbell allows you to know who is at the door. If you invest in the two, you will find out who is at the door and then unlock it remotely if you wish to welcome them in. Besides, the doorbell is ideal for monitoring your yard and know if you have packages dropped while you are at work.

Slow Intruders Down once you realize your Home is the Next Target

Many burglars will spend less than a minute break into a house, and once they succeed, they will spend less than 10 minutes in the house before leaving. You can take precautions to slow them down if they do target your home.

Install Window Stops

In most cases, burglars break into the house by forcing the window to open. You can make this hard by mounting window stops.

Final Word

The fact is that not many homeowners can afford to invest in a state-of-the-art monitored security system. If you are one of them, use this DIY home security tips to make sure your home is safe.

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