7 Benefits of Using Cobots

Cobot is a word coined from “collaborative robots,” robots that collaborate with humans. Cobots work alongside their human companions in a communal workspace. Cobots in the near future will be the majority workforce in industries. In the manufacturing industry, robots are not new, having replaced human laborers for many years. Cobots, unlike robots, work alongside humans, as opposed to replacing them. There are several advantages of using cobots

  • Fast Programming

The traditional robots need vast knowledge and a considerable length of time to program. They more often than not, perform a single action. Cobots are very easy to program, and half an hour is enough for the entire programming process. By using easy to use applications and software, it is easy to teach cobots more actions. You can physically set the cobot to any position you want, and then save the position on your software. Since programming a cobot is easy, you can train it to implement various tasks.

  • Fast Installation and Set-Up

Installation of cobots is a quick job, taking at least half an hour to complete. Installation of a traditional robot takes several days or weeks. Using the easy -to- use software, you can easily install the cobot and have it working as soon as possible. The cobots work well as a temporary hire, or as a replacement employee, available across all departments. During peak periods in a manufacturing plant, it is cheaper to use a cobot than to hire a temporary employee.

  • Cobots are More Flexible

A cobot’s flexibility allows it to work across different departments. The user-friendly software allows you to program the cobot and add new tasks as and when needed. A cobot can work for long hours doing the same task and can perform different tasks each day. Its flexibility extends to it being available to work anywhere there is a need for extra workers. During the peak production hours, a cobot comes in handy as its work capacity is higher, and it is cheaper than a casual laborer.

  • Cobots Provide Better Consistency

In comparison to humans, cobots are more accurate. Some cobots are able to perform tasks with 0.1mm accuracy. A cobot, unlike a human being, performs tasks single-mindedly without distractions. The same power a cobot starts with, it continues with until the end of the task. Human beings are prone to get tired after a while and take breaks. For example, if the task is to tighten a screw, a cobot uses the same pressure and tension, thus maintaining quality consistency. A human being will not manage the same consistency due to varying reasons.

  • Cobots Boost Employee Morale

Primarily designed to work alongside humans, they help employees simplify their assigned jobs. The cobots do any tasks that are monotonous, boring, and repetitive, while humans do different tasks. Cobots can manage maintenance and quality assurance checks, or product assembly. You can program the cobot to screw a product while its human counterpart completes the next task in line.

  • Cobots Make the Employees Happier

With support from the cobots, the employees are much happier and enjoy their assigned tasks more. All repetitive and boring work is assigned to the cobot. The employees feel more valued and better treated. Employees get tasks that involve logical thinking and creativity, and solution-based thinking gets more opportunity to thrive. The delegation of tasks to the cobots also means less Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) for the employees. The extra industrial robotic arm goes a long way in reducing the physical load on the employees. When employees are healthy and happy, there are fewer cases of absenteeism and more job satisfaction.

  • Higher Productivity and Better Process Performance

The primary reason for robotization is to improve process performance. This means getting the most out of a process with fewer overheads. Robotization also means fewer errors and higher productivity. Purchasing and subsequent programming and installation of cobots is a huge investment. In the long term, it saves you a lot of money and maximizes on profits.

Cobots are obviously a good way to maximize profits, make employees happy and to improve process performance. Cobots are already in use in many manufacturing plants. In the future, cobots will form a major part of the workforce and will provide all-round process optimization.

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