The rising popularity of vaping or e-cig in youth culture

7,000 years, since humans have been smoking and in the 1800s, we invent cigarettes after machines were developed to mass-produce them. At the beginning of the 21st century, electronic cigarette or e-cig was invented in China in 2003. The use of e-cigarettes, also called vaping, has grown exponentially around the world. The market of the vaping industry is reaching multi-billion as it is targeting the customers through the internet. Many sites and companies are selling vaping products online but you need to check the list of best pod mods ( before you make your purchase.

What is vaping or e-cigarette?

FYI, the e-cigarette is just an electronic device that vaporizes liquid (a flavored liquid). Earlier all the e-cig used to have the same look bit now they all come in various sizes and shapes. You might have seen shapes like pens or small boxes known as mods. Despite various sizes and shapes, they have a few things in common.

  • Power source – lithium battery
  • Atomizer – heats the e-liquid
  • E-liquid or a juice – contains flavors of nicotine
  • Cartridge or tank which is filled with a liquid heating

Heating the e-liquid creates a cloud of vapor that looks like smoke but without a lot of the lethal components contained in tobacco smoke.

The popularity of vaping

The number of vaping users is increasing every year. There are more than 50 million users globally as of now. China, the US, and some parts of Europe have large numbers of e-cig users but China has the highest number of users. Mostly users are teenagers and high school youth. The reason behind the popularity of vaping could be the number of different products in the market and the promotion of them by pop culture. Another possible reason is that e-cigs are helpful in quitting traditional cigarettes. But, the rumor of e-cig being safer than traditional cigarettes is partially true.

Effects of smoking

You might have heard any people really believe that E-cigs are not harmful compared to traditional cigarettes. They believe this because e-cigs don’t burn anything or create tar in the lungs but after the 7,000 years, we get to know that any form of tobacco use can lead to cancers of throat, lungs, mouth and also causes heart attacks and strokes. Keep in mind that any smoke is harmful to the lungs. But as we said it had only been 17 years since e-cigs invention so there just hasn’t been enough time to figure out what effects they’ll have on your body.

Is it harmful?

But we know one thing that e-cigarettes or vaping deliver nicotine just like the typical cigarettes and they can lead to issues of blood pressure and increased heart rate. The nicotine from cigarettes can have powerful effects on the brain. It is very addictive and changes in brain chemistry. The developing brain of teenagers is the most vulnerable to these effects.

There are many nicotine-free e-cigarettes but they also contain chemical solvents and when they are heated very high they can be transformed into formaldehyde which is a carcinogen. Carcinogen causes cancer. But there is a limited study about the long term effects of the vaping. The flavored liquids contain such chemicals. E-cigarettes come in candy and dessert flavors like skittles, gummy bears, and vanilla cupcakes, directly aimed at teens. The commercials always show thin beautiful people vaping. Even the strategic use of humor is being successfully used to get customers on their side.

Bottom line…

The bottom line is that we are all faced with important personal choices every day. We don’t yet know everything we need to know to make informed decisions about many things but we can resist being manipulated. Take your time in making your own personal decisions; it can make all the difference.

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