3 Types of Equipment to Invest in to Make More Money Off YouTube

YouTube is the world’s number one most visited website, with over one billion monthly visitors, millions of hours of video content, and thousands of channels and niches to choose from. You can pretty much find a video about anything (within YouTube’s guidelines) on the platform! 

If you’re a YouTube content creator, you’re probably constantly wondering how you can improve your channel, gain more subscribers, and increase your revenue from the hobby. For some, YouTube is nothing less than a full-time job. Making money off YouTube isn’t rocket science, but there is certain equipment you’ll want to invest in if you want to improve your channel’s overall quality. 

What Makes A Great YouTube Channel?

Before we cover your equipment, let’s look a little closer at what makes a great YouTube channel. If you want to count yourself among the top YouTube channels, you’ll need to adhere to certain standards of content creation and consistency. 

Great YouTube channels all started the same way: with an idea. The idea itself might not have even been the most original idea ever thought of, but the content creators put their own spin on it, making it uniquely their own. This makes for the best content. Viewers want to see creators who are genuinely themselves. 

Alongside being genuine, the top YouTubers are consistent in both their uploads and the quality of their content. A drop in quality can cause people to unsubscribe from the channel, as they’ve come to expect one thing and they’re getting another. 

Once you’ve mastered being genuine and consistent, you’ll find that you attract more than just subscribers. Advertisers and brands will want to use your channel to reach new customers, and you can create an entirely new revenue stream simply by being yourself. How’s that sound?

Must-Have Equipment

Whether you’re new to YouTube or you’ve been at it for a few years, you probably know that there’s must-have equipment for a successful channel. Among these requirements are video cameras, microphones, and editing software. 

Here, we’ll cover each of these in-depth and explain why they’re so important to invest in. When you spend money on these three things, you’re investing in the future of your channel. 

1. Video Camera

It’s pretty much a given that you’ll need a video camera for your YouTube channel. Whether you’re vlogging, doing tutorials, or even gaming, you’ll need to record what you’re doing in HD. And yes, HD is the standard. If you’re still uploading in 480p, you’ve got a problem. With 4k Ultra HD coming about, there’s not much room left for lower-quality videos. 

This means you’ll need an HD camera. Something that can record video at 720p or higher, though 1080p is probably a better benchmark to aim for. You’ve seen grainy videos that were of poor quality; did you enjoy them? It’s difficult to watch a video that’s not in HD! 

The best camera for your YouTube channel will depend entirely on your channel’s niche. If you’re constantly on the go, a GoPro might be your best bet. Otherwise, take a look at this list of the best video cameras for this year

2. Microphone

Along with high-quality video, you’ll need equally high-quality audio for your videos. Crystal-clear audio makes things easier to understand, and just makes the overall quality of the entire video increase. While many video cameras come equipped with onboard microphones, they’re usually not of the best quality. 

The type of microphone you need depends on what you’re using it for. For just voice, you could opt for a USB microphone. If you’re recording something like music, however, you’re going to need a better microphone and probably an audio interface. 

If you’re looking for the best YouTube microphones, check out this list.

3. Video Editing Software 

You can have the best cameras and mics, but if your video editing software is sub-par, that HD quality won’t matter much. Video editing software comes in all shapes and sizes, from basic free software to movie-quality advanced software that usually costs a pretty penny. 

Putting together clever YouTube videos requires an eye for creativity and design, but you’re limited by the tools you’re using. Choose a video editing software that’s easy to use and can export videos in .mp4 format. The YouTube aspect ratio is 16:9, and most video editing software actually has a built-in option to export in this ratio. Your videos will be YouTube-ready in just minutes! 

The Bottom Line 

These three types of equipment can help upgrade the overall quality of your YouTube videos and your channel as a whole. When you’re uploading high-quality content, you’re much more likely to attract more viewers, sponsorships, and loyal fans. Have fun creating, and remember to be genuine and consistent with your content! 

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