Minecraft: Pocket Edition Free APK Safe for Mobile Devices

When you visit the Google Play Store, you can find Minecraft: Pocket Edition but it is available for a fee. A lot of people might look at other options when they see a paid app from the Play Store.

Downloading From A Third Party

This is the reason why many people look for alternative app stores where they can download Minecraft: Pocket Edition free APK. Among the links provided include the original APK version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition or the MOD version.

When you find a link to download the app, you can wait for a while for the download button to appear. Then you can now install the app after download the APK format of the game.

  • Simply go to the Menu -> Settings -> Security -> check the Unknown Sources tab
  • Click on the downloaded file and then click the Install button.

Common Issues and Solution During Installation

It is important to note that you are installing a third party app. So there is a possibility that this may involve some minor glitches that need to be given proper attention to continue the installation.

  • Error ‘App not Installed’
  • This may be due to the old version of the app already existing on your mobile device. So when you install the same app, it may cause issues. You have to uninstall the old app first.
  • You can also disable the Play Protect feature on your mobile device if the first solution didn’t fix it.
  • If you still encounter problems after trying out the first 2 options, then you should try restarting the mobile device.
  • Error ‘Download failed because you may not have purchased this app’
  • When your app has an OBB or an additional data file that goes with the app, this may cause your app to have issues during installation. Thus, you have to download the OBB.
  • If your app still gets errors after the first option, try installing the original version first. You may install the downloaded file you have downloaded before. Then, uninstall it right after the installation. You can install the Minecraft: Pocket Edition free APK and the OBB again after successfully uninstalling the old APK.

Safe For Mobile Devices

The Minecraft: Pocket Edition free APK is safe for download for your tablet or mobile phone. You can read more details about the app from the file along with the installation guide.

Just make sure that you understand the end-user license agreement before installing the app so that you will be aware of the risks involved when installing APK file from a third party.

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