Using Chromecast for PC as a Smarter Option

One of Google’s most famous tech gadgets is Chromecast. This type of tool can provide users a way to stream media from a device to any monitor or TV using an HDMI cable.

Cost-Effective Solution

So instead of buying a new smart TV, a cost-effective solution is the use of Chromecast. Moreover, it is so easy to bring it with you on the road when inside a hotel room or Airbnb when in the mountains.

Screen Mirroring

Basically, this device is useful if you want to stream content from a mobile phone, tablet, or another mobile device. You may also connect to Chromecast from a computer or laptop through the Google Chrome browser.

So, whatever you are doing on your PC screen or mobile device will be displayed on your TV.

Chromecast for PC works by receiving data over the WiFi network from a connected mobile device for displaying movies, laptop, PC, photos, media apps, or the screen of your device.

So when you are watching a video from YouTube on your PC and let your family watch it on TV, just connect to the Chromecast and let everyone see it.

In this case, it can make your connected monitor or TV the mirror of your laptop screen or PC. This will then offer an intuitive way of enjoying your media on a bigger, higher definition screen.

Setting Up Chromecast

But first, you need to set up Google Chromecast before you can start using it.

  • Connect Chromecast to the available HDMI port on your TV
  • Download the Google Home Android or Apple app from the Chromecast setup page that is compatible with your mobile device
  • Then, follow the directions on the TV screen or your device to connect to the network and start using Chromecast

Connecting Chromecast From a Laptop Or PC

Initially, ensure that the Chrome browser is installed and updated before getting through the following steps.

  • Open the Chrome browser window from your laptop or desktop PC
  • Click on the 3 dots from the upper right corner of the browser if you want to start streaming to your TV
  • Choose ‘Cast’ and the available Chromecast device you intended to use
  • If you want to activate the dropdown list, you have to click the ‘Sources’ button. Then, pick between the 3 display options.
  • Cast tab – this will show the active tab that you are working on
  • Cast desktop – the whole desktop or laptop screen will show when you use this option
  • Cast file – you can choose the cast file that you would want to pick

When you have more than one Chromecast, you can see the devices within range showing up for selection.

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