Using PayPal Credit for Amazon Using E-Gift Cards

One of the most popular online payment solutions nowadays is PayPal. When you have a PayPal account, you can purchase products from around the world without breaking a sweat.

Most of all, it is a platform that uses stringent rules for security. Such would include the possibility of getting your money back after a seller failed to ship his or her order. So you will not risk yourself paying for an order that will never arrive.

The only issue is that you can’t use PayPal as a payment option when you shop on Amazon and several other large marketplaces.

PayPal Cash Card

If you want to use PayPal as a payment option on Amazon, you can do so via PayPal Cash Mastercard. This is an easy way of using PayPal to make purchases on Amazon account. This is actually a debit card that is linked right through your balance.

This card can be used as a payment option for a checkout process on Amazon. So as long as you have sufficient funds in your PayPal account, you can use it as a valid payment option for Amazon.

This is available for the majority of Paypal users for free. This cash card does not need a credit check and can be reloaded via direct deposit and bank transfer.

Buy Amazon Gift Cards

Since you can’t purchase directly to Amazon with the use of your PayPal balance, you can use your account to purchase Amazon gift cards.

  • eBay is just one of the virtual hubs to buy anything, including Amazon’s e-gift cards. Most of these cards are auctioned, so you just bid and wait.
  • Newegg is another hub that sells Amazon e-gift cards. This company is like the Amazon for computer parts.
  • Dundle is also a web shop that offers various gift cards from Amazon. Regardless of your currency, you can buy Amazon gift cards for any store, among other services offered.

e-gift Cards

The use of e-gift cards will be your ticket to using PayPal credit for Amazon shopping. Even if Amazon doesn’t accept PayPal, the marketplace will not refuse if you use an e-gift card instead. You may use your PayPal credit anywhere because it is accepted for getting e-gift cards that Amazon will accept.

However, you have to look for services that offer e-gift cards suited for Amazon in exchange for your PayPal credit. Just look for these cards before buying something on Amazon.

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