Study Apps for College Students

Studying has always been difficult, but modern students are luckier than students in previous centuries. Now people have digital technologies that can help students learn better and save their time. People often blame others for spending a lot of time on their phones and laptops, but they are even unaware of the opportunities these gadgets give to humanity. 

Being a student means having a lot of duties, responsibilities, and huge amounts of data to remember. Add to that what many students have to combine everything with a part-time job. They are not to be envied at all. If you mention the word combination “study app for college students,” many of them will associate it with the academic writing services, where they order their homework in emergencies. It’s the best way to get assistance: find the service, send the request “write paper for me“ and enjoy your free time. 

However, some other apps will help to make studying easier and more effective.


Flashcards are multi-purpose tools to retain information, but you’ll hardly want to them on your own. What’s the sense of spending your time, when there is a unique app where the only thing you need to do is to enter information. The app will offer various games with flashcards to remember the information quickly. Perhaps, someone has already taken the test you have to make, and you won’t have to enter the information by yourself. 


Writing the lectures down by hand is old-fashioned and tiring. Evernote let’s organize your notes as you want and keep all them in one place. It’s especially convenient when you prepare for your exams. Add links and various attachments to make perfect notes.


If you often have to write essays and other academic papers, and teachers lower your grades because of the abundance of mistakes, Grammarly is an excellent app for you. It does spell-check, corrects grammar mistakes, and makes your paper a top-notch. Of course, you may use top essay writing services to get a brilliant article, but we still advise you to download Grammarly to improve your writing. 

MyScript Calculator

It’s probably, the cheapest paid app that costs only $1,99. You need it only if you need to do calculations. MyScript Calculator looks like a piece of paper where you write your equations and get answers. Those who study accounting, math, and statistics will evaluate this app; however, each student, experiencing difficulties with a particular subject, may visit the academic assistance service and order homework in five minutes by leaving a simple message ”do my statistics homework.”

Scanner Pro

Taking photos of lectures and textbooks isn’t too convenient, as having a scanned version in PDF format.  This app lets people use the mobile phone as a scanner. If some textbooks are too expensive to buy them, don’t get upset. Purchasing this app will anyway be cheaper than buying lots of books. 


If you entered the college to obtain knowledge, you’d like Coursera because it gives you access to lots of online courses both free and paid, designed by top universities. It may help you improve existing knowledge and get new information. Each course consists of detailed theoretical information, video lectures, and assessments. The reviews of students who’ve enrolled in one of the courses at least once are exclusively positive. If you look for the essay writing assistant, read the best essay writing service reviews to reveal the truth about this or that service.

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