10 Best PC Games For College Gamers Who Lack The Time

There are two contradicting desires that all the students are fighting with: the idea of being the best student in the class and the fervent wish to relax and enjoy the favorite PC game. When the first one is dominant, you are taking any opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills. A range of up-to-date Internet-based platforms may help you remain academically successful. According to the edubirdie review, such services offer not trivial writing assistance, but a complex of options, including profound research, arranged bibliography, proofreading, and free editing.

However, when the second desire prevails, you do not care about the classes, homework, and grades, but your only interest is the favorite computer game. That is the moment when you start asking your friends: “Who can help me write an essay because I have no time?” But in fact, what you need is to play a quick round of the PC game and go back to your studying. Keep in mind that irrespective of the entertaining nature, even gaming can be useful. Search for the helpful variants that can advance your logical thinking, analyzing skills, and strategy building abilities. Besides, do not forget to solicit the support of a quality and fast essay writing service, which will have your back in case of an emergency.

If you are ready with the previously mentioned points, let’s have a closer look at the 10 best PC games for college students.

Rocket League

This is a simple and involving game: it resembles soccer, but with cars. The task of the player is to face off against other drivers, pummeling towards a huge ball and shooting it into the opponent’s goal.

Gears Tactics

It may take some time to acknowledge the gameplay of the Gears Tactics, but once you build your strategy, you enjoy the process.

Bleeding Edge

A colorful cast of characters is the most captivating feature of the game. Besides, it features different modes, bright environments, and an intense sequence of events.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The stimulator is a top choice for those, who enjoy action-adventure games, where the character fights for his armor and works hard for his skills.


The cultural impact of this game is undeniable. Exclusive maps, different weapons, unique abilities of the players and completely customizable characters are the key features of this epic battle royale game.

Apex Legends

A first-person shooter impresses its players with the unique combination of the comparatively slow speed of the gameplay, interesting characters, and mysterious maps.

Disco Elysium

One of the most impressive RPGs will thrill you with a fully bonkers storyline. The choices of the player matter in the gameplay so the solution of a murder case depends on you.


What is most exciting about the game? It is a multiplayer simulator, which requires cooperation skills in order to rip foes to shreds.


Logical thinking and an ability to solve problems fast are crucial in this RPG, as your task is to save a child, who happened to be in the underground.

The Stanley Parable

You cannot even imagine how weird and unusual gameplay can be. Immerse into the world of a faceless, silent officer, who investigates the disappearance of his coworkers.  

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