How to Avoid Burnout When Working in the Tech Industry

It’s easy to understand the demand for the latest, fastest, sleekest technology. But if you’re working in the tech industry, all the hype creates long days in the office, extra hours in your workweek, and poor work-life boundaries.

Sound familiar?

It’s great to pour your energy and passion into your job, but there’s a way to do so without burning the candle at both ends. We’ve compiled some easy tips to help you feel your best, so you can continue to wow your bosses and feel fulfilled outside of work.

Set Boundaries

The key to avoiding burnout is maintaining clear boundaries between your personal and professional life.

We know you want to go the extra mile, but sometimes it’s best to say “no” to those additional projects. Don’t be afraid to silence your phone on date night (no one wants a date who is constantly checking their email, even if you do know every Gmail hack there is). Even better, make it a policy to avoid work on the weekends.

Above all, set boundaries that work for you!

When you come into the office feeling refreshed from a camping trip, night at the movies, or day at the park, your productivity will increase. Ignore pressure from coworkers who stay late or take on extra work. Create a balance between work and relaxation that fits your needs.

Spend Time Outdoors

Sometimes, all you need is some sunshine and fresh air. Spending time outside improves your mood, lowers stress, and re-centers your focus.

Incorporate more outdoor time by trying the following:

  • Take A Walk – It’s as simple as that. Whether for fifteen minutes during your lunch break or for an hour after work, walking is a fantastic way to get out in nature.
  • Join an Outdoor Exercise Club – Combine exercise with time outside. Join a running club or an outdoor yoga class to get those endorphins flowing.
  • Plan an Outdoor Weekend Getaway – Take your partner camping or sign up for a fly-fishing expedition. Spending a little time away from home is incredibly rejuvenating.

Create Quality Time with Loved Ones

Time with family and friends is an important part of a well-balanced life.

Set aside your spreadsheets and unfinished emails and hang out with your partner or kids. Have a weekly movie night or dinner at the grandparents’ house. However you choose to include family in your routine, it’s important to show the important people in your life that you care.

Don’t forget about your friends! Maybe you’ll attend weekly trivia nights or host a virtual happy hour over video chat. Even taking ten minutes to call a friend will lift your spirits.

Get Enough Sleep

When work is constantly on your mind, it’s hard to unwind and drift off to sleep. If you’re tossing and turning because you’re preoccupied with product development, maybe it’s time to rethink your sleep routine.

Try these easy tips for a better night’s sleep:

  • Eliminate blue light from cell phones and computer screens before bed.
  • Invest in an easy-to-use sound machine (and drown out those noisy neighbors).
  • Sip herbal teas like chamomile and peppermint to relax.
  • Start a gratitude journal to focus your mind on positive thoughts.
  • Wear a luxurious, silk eye mask to block out the early morning light.

If you still have trouble relaxing, try some vegan, all-natural CBD gummies. In addition to its calming effects, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties to ease aches, so you’re relaxed and ready to sleep.

CBD comes in many forms, so choose one that works best for you.

Know When to Ask for Help

It’s okay if your job is stressful. Juggling a busy work schedule with family and self-care is exhausting.

Be kind to yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Be open to talking with a professional if you’re burnt out. Therapists help you process emotions and create strategies to handle stressful situations. Talking with a third party (who’s not a coworker or family member) allows you to gain perspective on your challenges.

Love Your Work

You should feel inspired by your work. When you do work you love, your enthusiasm and dedication are infectious. Take on projects you’re passionate about, and share ideas with your colleagues.

Although work shouldn’t eclipse your life, if you gain joy from your job, balancing work with pleasure will become second nature.

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