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Landing pages are the pages you want your visitors to “land on” when they come to your website and are designed to convert them into customers. If you are faced with the question of how to create an effective landing page, this article will interest you, since we are going to help you with ideas mass page creator based on two examples of professional landing pages.

Landing pages do double duty: they drive search traffic to your page (through ranking high in search results) and they generate leads or sales (by encouraging visitors to leave their email address or buy a product). It is important to know that the home page of your site is usually your best positioned landing page. For this reason, the following tips will also be helpful in optimizing your home page.

To direct your visitors to these pages, you can do so with a paid marketing campaign (eg, Ad Words, email marketing or Facebook advertising) or by optimizing them for search engine rankings. In the latter case, to optimize a landing page for search engines, you must set the keywords for your site. If you haven’t already, check out our post with tips to make your keyword search easier.

In this article we show you some tips to create landing pages based on two good examples. The approaches to each example are different, showing that there is more than one way to capture leads or increase sales with landing pages. There are actually thousands of ways to create landing pages.

These are our 8 ideas to create effective landing pages:

1. Show off your product

Creating landing pages is like having commercials working on our website. These people are characterized by being kind, direct and meticulous. However, the basis for becoming the best salesperson (and the best landing page) is knowing how to understand and manage customer needs.

Graze is a UK start-up that delivers delicious and healthy snacks. It has an extremely effective landing page example, with a very good “call to action” button and a concise message.

While you’re designing your landing page, keep the following elements in mind that we can learn from Graze.

2. Include a clear ‘call-to-action’

An effective landing page should include a clear “call-to-action” button: your goal is for your visitors to click as soon as they land on your website. In many cases, you will want your visitors to fill out a form, as in the example above. And since we have the Graze form in view, we are going to see some simple guidelines when creating one:

Keep it short: don’t ask for information you don’t need. Avoid any field that is not 100% necessary. There is a case where a business saw a 5% increase in their conversion rate after removing the phone number field.

Remove fields: In most cases, all you need is a name and an email address. Sometimes just an email address is enough. The fewer fields you have, the higher your conversion rate.

Test your buttons: designing the perfect button is a science and a work of art. Create a nice-looking button, but be sure to test the color, shape and text to improve your conversion.

3. Answer your customers’ questions

On the Graze home page, a large image with comments shows what is in one of their snack boxes, so anyone who visits their page immediately knows what they offer. How the delivery process works is also indicated right there.

In short, Graze provides the information your visitors need in a concise way and with explanatory graphics: do you deliver to offices? How many options do you offer? Are these snacks healthy? As you fine-tune your landing page style, keep in mind any unanswered questions your customers may have, and be sure to answer them.

4. Add your prices transparently

Before filling out a form on your website, people want to know how much it will cost to purchase your product. Graze highlights the price of a box of snacks on their website home page. They also offer additional information: the price includes shipping costs.

If you read our post from a few weeks ago, you know that free delivery can increase your sales, so writing this down on your landing page can be a good marketing strategy.

5. Take into account the problems of your customers

Another way to create a good landing page is to talk about a general problem that your business can solve. If you have a bike shop, you can create a landing page explaining how to repair a flat tire and offer your own products when it comes to tools and parts that are needed.

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