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Album Review | Aaron Gillespie 'almost' succeeds with solo project, but lacks the originality to pull it off 24

Tufts Daily, Tufts University, Medford, MA

19 hours ago by Grant Beighley

Aaron Gillespie, a person foreign to most, is one of the biggest heavyweights in the hardcore/screamo scene. As the drummer and melodic singer (as opposed to screamer Spencer Chamberlain) of the band Underoath, he makes the band accessible to a larger audience with his catchy choruses and pounding beats.

Commentary: Obama support misplaced 8

Northeastern News, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

2 hours ago by

Sen. Barack Obama seems like a pleasant guy. It'd probably be fun to shoot some hoops with him.

But I'd have to call a foul for some of Obama's blunders in foreign policy development. He postures as the peace player in this upcoming presidential election but his actions are in many ways hypocritical.

Cocaine abuse needs to end 6

Tufts Daily, Tufts University, Medford, MA

7 hours ago by Brian Yun

Why Barack Obama cannot become the next President of the United States 6

The Suffolk Voice, Suffolk University, Boston, MA

18 hours ago by Asbel Nunez Jr.

With the 2008 election just seven short months away, the people of America better take a step back and ask themselves if we can really give the keycard with the nuclear launch codes to Barack Obama; a three year senator with zero national security experience, and a voting record more liberal than Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator from Vermont.

Doctor settles with N.H. board after student complaint 4

Keene Equinox, Keene State College, Keene, NH

1 day ago by Faith Swymer

A former college physician settled with the N.H. Board of Medicine after a complaint was filed by a student in 2004 alleging unprofessional conduct and failure to maintain proper medical records.

Dr. Dennis Swartout, who was contracted to Health Services from 2002 to January 2005, reached a settlement of a $2,000 fine and six hours of continued medical education on record keeping over the October 2004 incident.

Beacon pick of the pride 3

The Berkeley Beacon, Emerson College, Boston, MA

-33 minutes ago by Liana Boghosian

Born in Unalakleet, a small village in Northern Alaska, Ariel Tweto was one of seven in her graduating class.

Every one of her six classmates was her first or second cousin.

Tweto describes Alaska as a place very different from one a Bostonian would be familiar with.

Benjamin Grew indicted 2

The Clock, Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH

19 hours ago by Greg Bowers, Assistant News Editor

A grand jury indicted former Plymouth State University student, Benjamin Grew of Yarmouth Massachusetts on Oct. 19, on charges of second-degree assault and negligent homicide.

At approximately 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 15, Jared Barrows, a senior Art major was walking on Plymouth Street toward Langdon Woods with his roommate, Bary Owen.

A "Student Entrepreneur" Experience at HBS 1

Harbus, Harvard University, Boston, MA

11 hours ago by Scott Belsky, Contributing Writer

Soon after I got accepted to HBS, I left a job at Goldman Sachs with the intention to travel, write, and bask in idea-generation for a few months prior to moving to Boston. Instead, I became obsessed with one idea in particular and inadvertently started a business prior to starting business school.

Looking Forward 1

Harbus, Harvard University, Boston, MA

11 hours ago by

The Harbus News Corporation is a forum for the variety of voices at HBS- some eloquent, some disgruntled, some amusing and some controversial.

Over the past year, the Harbus has strived to achieve a balance - between business and philanthropy, between controversy and discussion, and between frivolity and responsibility.

Ya Hala in Saudi Arabia 1

Fifteen, MIT Sloan School of Business, Cambridge, MA


“Is there a doctor on the plane?” I heard in my semi-conscious state of slumber. No sooner did we hear the announcement, Basmaa Ali (MBA ’08) was rushing to the front of the plane to save the day.  “Oh it was nothing,” she said modestly when we arrived in Bahrain.


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