College Tonight, Inc. Launches Largest Collegiate Social Networking Blitz in History

Source: College Tonight, Inc.

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College Tonight, Inc. has officially launched its new website,, a cutting-edge online social network structured exclusively for college students. The next step in the natural evolution of social networking, College Tonight will show young adults what social networking should have evolved into by 2007.

College Tonight's motto "Get on, Get Up, Get Out" will be the key message behind the site's "Disorientation Tour," a national campus tour consisting of 52 promotional events targeting 116 campuses around the country over the next 9 months. These nightlife events will mark the culmination of week-long promotions held locally at individual campuses, with neighboring student populations merging for the ultimate college party experience.

The network's distinct model fosters real-life socialization among its users through the direct promotion of campus-related club events, parties, music performances and sporting events. The company works closely with corporate sponsors on events at campuses nationwide, and generates support through advertisers, client subscriptions and product placement. College Tonight takes college students from interfacing online to face-to-face interaction. Rather than relegating students to the sedentary lifestyle of most currently anti-social networks, College Tonight will promote actual social interactivity amongst the trendsetters and the tastemakers of the collegiate demographic.

Members will have both unprecedented mobility and privacy as they create their online network or 'Entourage' of friends and explore the social opportunities within their campus and beyond in their broader communities. The site provides an online forum for students to exchange information on social activities happening offline, serving as a catalyst for real-life relationships and interaction among users.

Zachary Suchin, President and CEO of College Tonight, Inc., commented, "College Tonight is rooted in the philosophy that students want to interact with other students, not just with their computers.

College students are very active and want to remain connected throughout their already busy schedules. The utility of College Tonight is anchored on the physical computer, but its functionality extends far beyond."

College Tonight's unique mobile component allows users to receive mobile alerts and messages specific to their needs and interests.

Members are able to receive the latest news on events at a particular venue, receive notification when people in their network attend a certain event, or communicate with other College Tonight users through an extremely innovative methodology.

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