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Kathleen Waldron

 Kathleen Waldron

Ticker, CUNY Baruch College, NY

6 hours ago by Kathleen Waldron

We have come to the end of another eventful academic year and are now gearing up for the next. This is a time of reflection for me as I have just completed my fourth year as president of Baruch College. On June 1, 2005, I delivered my first commencement address as president of Baruch College and it proved to be one of the proudest days of my professional life.

Commentary: Obama support misplaced

Northeastern News, Northeastern University, MA

5 days ago

Sen. Barack Obama seems like a pleasant guy. It'd probably be fun to shoot some hoops with him.

But I'd have to call a foul for some of Obama's blunders in foreign policy development. He postures as the peace player in this upcoming presidential election but his actions are in many ways hypocritical.

Letter to the Editor: For News, change in name only

Northeastern News, Northeastern University, MA

6 days ago

For 82 years, the Northeastern News has contributed to the university in ways beyond helping students prepare for careers in journalism, advertising and business. It has served as a source of information for our community and as a chance for its members to voice their views and concerns.

Editorial: Circus, Northeastern overlook animal rights

Northeastern News, Northeastern University, MA

6 days ago

Humans have had a rocky relationship with animals. Thanks to Charles Darwin, we operate under a "survival of the fittest" mentality: We pave streets through their forests, dump toxic waste in their oceans and pollute the air with smog from factories. For centuries, there's been a delicate balance with animals, and most times, humans are the ones that come out on top.


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