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Making it in Malta

 Making it in Malta

Ticker, CUNY Baruch College, NY

15 hours ago by Mariane St-Maurice

Walking home one night a few weeks ago, I looked up to the sky and realized that I could see stars. A rather unusual sight in New York, I exclaimed to my friend, "They have stars here!" Despite having made a fool of myself, this was one more thing that has made this summer one of my greatest.

Hollywood moves east

Northeastern News, Northeastern University, MA

6 days ago by Alana Cádiz

It was 5:30 on a March morning and tons of actors were swarming a tent in the Burlington Mall parking lot. It was the beginning of their long work day - at least 12 hours, possibly 16.

For some, there was nothing novel about the scene. The regulars were catching up with old friends.


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