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You Buy Research You Can't See

The Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress is funded by taxpayers to the tune of $100 million annually. But the reports are not public information. In 27B Stroke 6.

Car Tech Rolls Through the Years

From Mercedes, Porche and Aston Martin racers to Jaguar dreams and modern-day Morgans, history is on display at the Retromobile classic car show. Plus: Why is a $15 mill Audi yanked from a Christie's auction? Bruce Gain reports from Paris in Autopia.

The Man Who Snuffed Out Pluto

A Cal Tech astronomer tells how and why Pluto was downgraded from planet status. Bodyhack reports from AAAS.

Expert Tackles Game Violence Myth

A Texas A&M researcher says studies showing connections between video games and violent behavior suffer from shoddy research techniques and bias. In Game|Life.

Turning a Profit: Free Web Names

A growing practice known as domain name "tasting," a form of cyber squatting, ties up millions of domain names at a time, keeping them out of the reach of legit buyers. By the Associated Press.

Fab Four: Analog to Digital

Recording The Beatles chronicles the gear, studios and personalities responsible for the legendary Beatles catalog. Now, for the digital debut. Commentary by Eliot Van Buskirk.

Bike Tech: Amgen Pro Cycle Tour

Go behind the scenes of the 2007 Amgen Tour of California pro cycling race as it kicks off in San Francisco sporting the latest in bike tech. A photo journal by Michael Calore.

Feb. 19, 1473: Copernicus Born

His promulgation of the heliocentric theory ignites a scientific revolution that changes history. Compiled by Tony Long.

Learning How to Regrow Fingers

A new federally funded project should help scientists learn how some animals regenerate body parts so well. They hope to apply the lessons to humans. By the Associated Press.

FBI Wards Off Kitchen Sink Bombs

Specialists make bombs from common household items to help the FBI defend against low-tech terrorist threats in the United States. By the Associated Press.

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