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Essay: Flame First, Think Later: New Clues to E-Mail Misbehavior

Social neuroscience offers clues into the neural mechanics behind sending messages that are taken as offensive, embarrassing or downright rude.

Europe’s Plan to Track Phone and Net Use

A proposed law would require companies to keep detailed data about people’s Internet and phone use.

On the Road: Airlines Sharpen Sites for Web-Savvy Traveler

With the growth of small-business and independent employee travel, booking sites are scrambling to serve this market.

Old Media Partying With Oscar Online

Magazines and other publications have built Oscar Web sites in hopes of cementing the loyalty of Web surfers.

Canadian Company Offers Nude Photos via Cellphone

Telus, the Canadian telephone company, included a new “adults only” section last month on a list of items its wireless customers could download.

E-Commerce Report: From Clipouts to the Web, Coupons Transition Slowly

Online coupons have always been a bargain-hunter’s diversion, which may be precisely why the market has grown so slowly.

While Others Struggle, Norwegian Newspaper Publisher Thrives on the Web

Schibsted, which owns the biggest-selling tabloid in Norway, is now the biggest player on the Internet in Norway and neighboring Sweden.

Madrid Bombing Trial Opened to Streaming Video

A live video stream is chronicling the trial of 29 men accused of the 2004 terrorist bombing in Madrid.

New Weapon in Web War Over Piracy

Content-recognition software could address a major entertainment industry concern— songs and videos being posted on the Web without permission.

Child Auteurs on Nick, From Their House to Yours

Nickelodeon will begin a weekday program that incorporates material produced by children.

Real game characters 'next year'

Video games which feature human faces as they actually look are at most two years away, say developers.

Net giant supports open ID scheme

AOL adopts Open ID, allowing people to use their AOL or AIM username and password to sign into non-AOL sites.

Computer games 'burn up calories'

Playing new style computer games can help people burn up a significant amount of calories, research has found.

Hard disk test 'surprises' Google

The impact of heavy use on hard disk drive failure may be overstated, says a report by three Google engineers.

The mash-up future of the web

The way we use the Web is changing and the future lies in mixing, mashups and pipes, argues Bill Thompson.

Virtual treatment for US troops

US soldiers returning from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder are being treated with virtual reality.

Astronauts should 'ski the Moon'

Lunar explorers should learn how to cross-country ski to investigate the Moon, an Apollo astronaut says.

Robot watches out for birds

A robot ornithologist has been installed in a wildlife refuge to look for the elusive ivory-billed woodpecker.

Nasa's aurora mission blasts off

A Nasa mission to study the phenomenon known as the Northern Lights blasts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Action plan for killer asteroids

A draft UN treaty to tackle any future giant asteroids heading for Earth is to be drawn up this year.

Thais seek to undo deal with Singapore

The deal between Shin Corp. and Singapore's Temasek Holdings has been at the center of Thailand's yearlong political crisis.

Merger would end satellite radio's rivalry

The planned $13 billion merger of the United States' two satellite radio services, Sirius and XM, is sure to raise antitrust issues.

XM and Sirius, the top 2 satellite radio companies, to merge

XM Satellite Radio Holdings and Sirius Satellite Radio, the two leaders in their industry, said Monday that they had agreed to a $13 billion merger.

Briefing: Polish phone firm is fined over new Internet terms

Telekomunikacja Polska was fined on Monday for having lowered the prices and changed the terms of its Internet service without seeking permission from the country's regulator.

Italy won't block a sale of Telecom Italia

Still, it is likely to be years before foreigners have a free hand in buying up what are considered to be strategic Italian companies.

Music companies tinker with consumer relationship

The recording industry is recognizing that it might have to loosen its control of distribution to attract the big audience found in largely unregulated corners of the Internet.

Scor makes unsolicited takeover bid for Converium

The French reinsurer Scor has purchased a third of a rival, Converium, but the Swiss firm rejected a full takeover, saying it undervalued its strength.

Do they still want their MTV? A changing format

Now the music channel is trying to make its way in a multidevice, multiplatform, multichannel world.

Commercial pitched at teenagers worked for movie

The producers of a horror film aimed at teenage audiences used a TV commercial with a high-frequency noise most adults could not hear.

Wireless: Reviving push-to-talk services with a cellphone for hard-hats

A U.S. company sees a niche in providing tough phones to the blue-collar workers of Europe.

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