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Archive from Tuesday, March 9, 2004 (03/09/2004)
Town Council gives hotel plans the go-ahead, Andrea Bulfinch - Staff Writer
Athletic fees hike up, Melanie Asmar - Staff Writer
Senators face Council, fend for fairness, Melanie Asmar - Staff Writer
Statement confirms civil relations between UNH and Durham, Dennis Magliozzi - Staff Reporter
Student theatre group unmasks "The Laramie Project", Mike Lavers - Staff Writer
Digital upgrade to make big sound waves for WUNH, Dan Poulin - TNH Reporter
Self-defense program doesn't hit home with SHARPP, Elaine Yu - TNH Reporter
EOS symposium to be a research exchange, Michele Filgate - Staff Writer
Three UNH students arrested at Ziggy Marley concert, Ted Boddy - TNH Reporter
Comics combine laughter with a call for peace, Sarah O'Regan - TNH Reporter
Senators and students rally for Stella one signature at a time, Melanie Asmar - Staff Writer
University nurtures the elevation of women, Michele Filgate - Staff Writer
Radical cheerleaders put a little power to it, Natalie Miller - TNH Reporter
Student2Student gives low down on the real deal, Andy Kitt - Staff Writer
Seacoast Idol semifinals cater to an older crowd, Kristen Melamed - TNH Reporter
Boston's not-so-average Joe has UNH ties, Sonha Fridell, TNH Reporter

'Cats trounce BC, push unbeaten streak to nine, Michael Cooper
NCAA dream comes to an end, Bobby Grassetti, Staff Writer
Burnap brings Wildcats to the promised land, Staff Reports
UNH does the unthinkable: ties Penn State, Staff Reports
Third period rally ends in OT loss for UNH, Joe Kennerson - Staff Writer
Farewell to Matthias ends in heart breaker, Goeffrey Parr - Staff Writer
Club briefs, Staff Reports
Championships calling to 6 wildcats, Staff Reports
Meisner flies into 10th spot, Staff Reports
Cup of Joe, Joe Kennerson - Staff Writer
Regulators Revenge, Michael Cooper

Give voice to student advocate

"It's All Greek to Me!"
Sexism is not just perpetrated against women, Mike Gauthier, Library Services Supervisor, Diamond Library
Week in Greek
Attention on drug prevention at Ziggy concert too much, Tom Vatistas, Freshman
From overseas, Nicole Valentine, TNH foreign correspondant
The fix is in for Saddam's "war crimes" trial, Erik Swanson - Staff Columnist
A pretty lousy magic trick, Adrian kerrison, Freshman
A modest response..., Victoria English, Todd Derbyshire, 2004 Panhellenic Council, Greek/SHARPP liason chair
Opinion on Minis meant as a wake up to University, Mirk Kilens, freshman
Editorial showed bias against Catholic schools, Professor James m. Farrell, Department of Communication

Disgusted at Bush's campaign ads
RAs should be willing to fetch free condoms,
Condoms not conveniently available

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