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Archive from Friday, March 26, 2004 (03/26/2004)
Survey: Students kick smoking habit in the butt, Jason Simpson, TNH Reporter
Dining halls want swiped dishes back, Becky Spencer, TNH Reporter
UNH Sixx gets the nix from Senior Night, Kristen Melamed - TNH Reporter
45 students choose to march for choice, Shannon O'Neil - TNH Reporter
Horror-flick actor to present his book, Danny Gunther, TNH Reporter
Wildacts pushes for male involvement in SHARPP, Topher Mongeon - TNH Reporter
Trio of students sing their way to finals, Genevieve Giambanco - TNH Reporter
Renowned poet Robert Bly inspires students, John Deming - Staff Writer
Psychology department gains national recognition, Patrick McClary - TNH Reporter
Students fuming about fire safety inspections, Michael Terry - TNH Reporter
Wanted: Part-time girlfriend... just kidding, Kim Lindquist - TNH Reporter
Surf shop coasts towards grand opening, Grace Olsen - Staff Writer
Band swings by Hepcat event, Diane Nolan - TNH Reporter
Off-campus crimes count twice
Senate recommends a compromise for student lawyer, Melanie Asmar - Staff writer
UNH student sees Spain's true colors after attacks, Mike Lavers - Staff Writer
Students prsent petion, await answers

Despite loss in semi's 'Cats slip into tourney
Burnap reaches two milestones in win over BC
Friars continue horror story for Wildcats, Michael Cooper
UNH prepares to balance on the NCAA beam, Staff Reports
Club briefs, Staff Reports
Regulators Revenge, Michael Cooper
Cup of Joe, Joe Kennerson, Staff Writer
Lewis is doing it on and off the field

Ziggy Marley at the Whitt, Chris Hilsop - Staff Writer
Piano virtuoso astounds audience in Johnson Theatre, Eben Lillie, TNH Reporter
Getup kids new release is less "to write home about", Cory Levine - Staff Writer
Holzkopf: canadian noise for the soul, Brendan MacDevette - Staff Writer
Not your typical Neil, Matt Cullen - TNH Reporter
Grey matter: Inside the most controversial album of the year, Matt Triest - TNH Reporter
Don't you remember you told me you lov me baby?, Brendan MacDevette, TNH Critic-At Large
UNH professor publishes second novel, Jillian Prisco, TNH Reporter
Good Eats? Moe's Italian Sandwitches, Andy Kitt - Staff Columnist
Rentables: "This is Spinal Tap", Derek Cunningham - TNH Columnist

Is democracy worth defending?, Erik Swanson - Staff Columnist
From Overseas, Nicole Elicerio - TNH Foreign Correspondent
Sorority presidents: fraternity brothers are part of the solution
"It's All Greek to Me!", Steve Pappajohn
Third parties can stick it, Rob Tobin - Senior, Political Science
From Afghanistan, Jennifer Gabler, TNH Foreign Correspondent 210th Engineers, U.S. Army
Arts facilities crumbling, Rich LaBombard, Senior Theatre major
Sexism is about power, Nicole Hentz - Junior
Guantanamo Blues, Eryk Nielsen - Graduate Student, Political Science
Warning: Double-check your protection
SHARPP and Campus Recreation work together, Linda Hayden, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation & Layla D'Emilia-Sheperd, Director of SHARPP
Do take note, Whitney Williams - Staff Columnist
Know it all, Brian Sammons, Graduate Student
Enough already, Timothy Boyle, Sophomore
"Laramie" brought message of awareness, compassion, Nikki Luce, Senior & Leslie Piken, Junior
Mini dorm mess taken too far, David Lucier, Junior
Back up your birth control,

UNH bus system top notch
Role models on and off the ice
Community countering obesity

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