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Archive from Friday, January 28, 2005 (01/28/2005)
Laconia man found roaming in Randall, Mark Daniels
Inaugural protests: two UNH voices in a crowd of thousands, Grace Olson
Students ask UNH for organized tsunami aid, Kristen Melamed
Student's death a loss to the community, Grace Olson
Study serves up healthy recommendations, Michele Filgate
The New Hampshire Hotel checks into town, Sonja Fridell

The forgotten NHL, Patrick McClary
Last call at UNH, Michael Cooper
Wildcats fall to BU Terriers at home
Men fare no better than women vs BU
Wildcats skate to 2-2 tie with #1 BC

Arts & Living
A new singer swims in from the Lakes Region, Chris Hislop
Ani DiFranco puts her knuckles down on the guitar and pumps out a new album, Michele Filgate
Sex book tells pretty much everything: "Guide To Getting It On!" By Paul Joannides, Cara Murphy
Diet book too slim on facts: "The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics" By Jessica Porter, Derek Cunningham
Soltero has a lonely soul, but they still know how to have a good time, Chris Hislop

Campus Safety is your responsibility

Finigan's Take, Holly Finigan
Objectifying magazines should be removed from UNH bookstore, Arthur L. Errickson, Graduate Student
The definitely-not-satire-satire-column, Tom Olson, Professor of Mockery

Transgendered bathrooms are the right thing to do
Berlin students do not see sense in transgendered bathrooms
Gender-variant people do need neutral bathrooms
Inaugurations getting out of hand
Surveillance in dining halls hinders thefts

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