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Exam week nears. Where is the best place to study?
Dimond Library
Computer Clusters
Breaking New Grounds
Other. I'll IM the New Hampshire my answer.
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Who are you voting for SBP/SBVP?

James Paine & Simeon “Sim” Edmunds (Write In)
Kyle LaFonntain & Alicia Hey
Jason Heaney & Jill Dvorak

This The New Hampshire poll is not scientific and reflects the opinions of only those Internet users who have chosen to participate. The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of Internet users in general, nor the public as a whole.

Past Polls
4/26/05 Exam week nears. Where is the best place to study?
4/20/05 The weather is glorious and you have no classes. Where is the best place on campus to enjoy the day?
4/12/05 Who are you voting for SBP/SBVP?
4/7/05 What is the most important topic in this year's Student Body Presidential election?
4/1/05 What did you think of Main Street Magazine' sex issue?
3/28/05 How should parking services resolve the Gables parking issue?
3/24/05 How do you feel about last week's FAL sponsored patriarchy slam?
3/21/05 What are you post graduation plans?
3/10/05 How did you fare on your midterms?
3/7/05 How many substances did you use during the Substance Freekend?
3/4/05 How much have you donated to the Tsunami Relief fund?
2/28/05 Vote for who you think is the Wildest Hockey Fan
2/25/05 How many minutes past deadline do you think we were publishing this issue?
2/17/05 Should the Student Senate impeach Cat Clarke and Charlie Knuth?
2/10/05 Who's fault is it that we didn't get have a snow day yesterday?

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