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The Job Outlook

Due to the recession and economic uncertainty, the job market has turned downright hostile. But we’ll help you focus on where to look and what opportunities do exist for new grads.

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It ain't pretty, but it ain't hopeless either. Fields like accounting, public service and education are still courting grads. Sure you will have to work harder this year to find something, and you may have to accept a position that’s not your dream job, but any experience in your field is a valuable career stepping stone.


While many banks, venture capitalists and stockbrokers have had to shed staff during the recession, there are still strong opportunities in finance. With so many corporate failures and financial scandals over the past twelve months it means that opportunities abound in areas such as financial control, planning and audit. Specialist career sites to help get you started include, and


Due to a critical lack of teachers, many school systems are desperate for help. Plus over the next 10 years a large number of teachers are expected to retire, particularly at the secondary school level, presenting strong career opportunities for grads. In fact, the nation will be hiring more than 10 million teachers in the next 10 years. Sure you’ll never be a millionaire, but you get great vacation time and other benefits. Some useful sites to check out include, and


The non-profit sector, like education, took a beating during the dot-com years, but has since shown signs of rebounding. Recent grads, faced with lingering collegiate idealism and few job prospects are flocking to non-profits to lend a hand, gain some on-the-job experience and take the time to do something truly productive while they deliberate what to do with the rest of lives. is a website with lots of useful links, information, and job opportunities both in the US and internationally.

The Government

For some reason recent grads seldom check out openings with government agencies. The pay may be a little smaller, but the benefits and job security is unrivaled. Particularly since September 11, there are thousands of positions being created in the security and defense sectors, with numerous government contractors. Many are planning to hire those versed in IT, project management, engineering and more. For more on government openings, visit

Online Job Searches

Useful online career services for grads include, and Internships can also be a useful stepping stone – try for listings. And don’t forget to look up resources with your campus career center who often list local jobs, internships and lots of useful links on their web sites.

The Lowdown

Of course these are just a handful of fields in which you may choose to seek work, but they're certainly more secure and offer the most opportunities than most at this point. Most importantly, be patient. Job competition is fierce, and there are enough experienced unemployed people drifting about to make it extra hard for green grads to find work. Keep your spirits up and you'll find something soon enough.

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