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FAL holds speakout in response to death threat

Armed with a bullhorn, multiple signs and a lot of passion, members of the Feminist Action League (FAL) put on a rally Tuesday on the T-Hall lawn in support of Whitney Williams. The peaceful yet intense rally that included multiple topics on rape, stories of rape, feminism and fraternities ended up erupting in the end as members of the FAL and supporters rushed T-Hall in search of answers.

"Hi, I am Whitney Williams" was frequently heard as every supporter who spoke identified him or herself as Whitney. Over 100 students and supporters stood by as FAL members and others spoke out.


UNH is all in for poker

No matter where you look on television, you are bound to flip to a channel showing one of today's hottest games: Texas Hold 'Em. No matter where you look on campus, you are bound to run into people who consider themselves poker players.

Eric Soha plays poker at least once or twice a week.

League of Pissed Off Voters empowers youth to vote

Within a tight circle of benches and chairs in Crackskull's Books and Coffee buzz a dozen local youth ready to change the world. Ideas fly back and forth through the hazelnut-scented air. Eyes ignite at the possibility of social change.

These youth are the League of Pissed Off Voters, and they are here to "revolutionize democracy.


UNH celebrates national coming out day

Dave Merry and Mary Grace have few things in common. Merry is a senior recreation major, spending his last year at UNH involved in Alabaster Blue, UNH's co-ed a cappella group, and being a senior resident assistant in Christensen Hall. Grace is a freshman with an undergraduate psychology major in mind.

Nader receives mixed reactions at UNH

Tuesday, in the sparcely filled Granite State Room (GSR), presidential candidate Ralph Nader urged voters to look past the rhetoric of politicians and to "do their homework" before voting. Nader said he is determined to give the voters more choices in the upcoming presidential election, despite harsh criticism.


Got pestacides? Phillbrook doesn't.

Celery, broccoli, watermelon, basil, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers, straight from UNH soil, have found their way into the Philbrook Dining Hall. While the growing season is drawing to an end, UNH Dining Services and the students have both been pleased with the joint effort between the Organic Gardening Club and Students Without Borders and look forward to continuing using organic vegetables next fall.

Umpire calls himself out

Dave Pallone reached into his pocket and pulled out a small wooden box that he held up to the audience. It was a symbol of his hidden sexuality during his years as a major league umpire.

Pallone spent nine years in the minor leagues before crossing the picket lines in 1979 to become a major league umpire.


UNH Professors present Alaskan research

On Tuesday, members of the United States Arctic Research Commission (USARC) began a two-day session at the University of New Hampshire to discuss and review projects being done at the University in the area of Arctic research. Members of USARC, a federally funded agency, spent the two days listening to UNH professors and faculty present their research in a variety of subjects, all with pertinent information to the Arctic region.

This Day In TNH History

This issue covered the opening and christening of the new Donald M. Murray journalism lab in Hamilton Smith, which "marked both a tribute to the past and an investment in the future." The lab was dedicated to Murray, the Pulitzer-prize-winning founder of UNH's journalism department.


TNH History

This Day In TNH History Friday, Oct. 14, 1983. Volume 74 No. 12

This issue of the paper announced that the B-52s were slated to play a concert at the UNH Field House at the end of that month. According to the president of SCOPE, Billy Idol was also set to appear on campus in December.

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