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Senators seek SBP/VP impeachment

The University's Student Senate will address a resolution this Sunday, Feb. 20 proposing the removal of Student Body President Catherine Clarke and Vice President Charles Knuth for violation of their responsibilities as student body representatives.


Senate demands voice in parking fine policy

Last Sunday night it was business as usual in the Granite State Room. The Student Senate began the 15th meeting of the semester with ice cream sundaes and small talk before Amy Morris' gavel brought the meeting to order. Things were moving along smoothly until one matter of new business came up.

Students get down and dirty at sex fair

It is common exam time and the MUB Strafford Room is vibrating with activity (pun shamelessly intended). Students drift in and out, chatting noisily and rocking out to the Divinyl's "I Touch Myself" and Salt 'n' Pepa's "Let's Talk About Sex." It is UNH's first Sex Fair, organized by the members of SAGE (Students Advocating Gender Equality).


Undergrad brings style to the Out Back

Kyle Macdonald has about $100,000 at her disposal. She uses the money to buy jewelry, martini glasses, posters, dorm room decorations and other fun items. MacDonald is also a 21-year-old senior at UNH on the brink of graduation; a 21-year-old senior who gets to shop with a $100,000 budget, that is.

Substance free weekend planned at UNH

Imagine a weekend where students choose to make UNH a dry campus. No alcohol or even drugs for that matter. By choice.

With a history of alcohol related incidents, including the death of Richard Hegerich last semester, the UNH administration has recently been asking the student senate what they plan to do about the problem.


Killington residents green with envy

Students have to be extra careful while walking through the halls of Sherburne Elementary School in Killington, VT.  If by some chance they fall and scratch their knee or bump into a locker and hit their elbow, the nurse might not be there to help them. She only works two days a week.

Both sorts of seniors break it down together

The luxurious lobby of the Sprucewood Senior Living Community overflowed last Monday with an abundance of mouthwatering hors d'oeuvres being devoured by residents and handfuls of college students. These two very different groups of seniors filed into the Great Room to dance the day away.


Groovin' cardio instructor a smashing sensation

It's 4:45 Thursday evening.  While many students are working out at the Whitt, running, biking and lifting, others are dancing to Whitney Houston, Britney Spears and Madonna remixes in studio one.

The students are taking "Groovin' Cardio" with Rick Cote, a fitness instructor at the Whitt, and also a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology.

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