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SBP/VP remain in Student Senate

Catherine Clarke and Charles Knuth listen to impeachment debae.
Student Senators stayed up until 2 a.m. Sunday debating for four hours whether to remove Student Body President Catherine Clark and Vice President Charles Knuth. Ultimately, the Senate voted not to remove the student body president and vice president.


Student Senate passes Red Cross resolution

Nick Christiansen (center at left) and Allie Ross-Raymond (center at right) are among the four co-authors of the student senate resolution projected behind them. The resolution was passed to urge the FDA to re-assess its policy on banning men who have sex with other men from donating blood.
Last Sunday night in the Murkland auditorium, the Student Senate embarked on a four-hour-long debate that would raise questions on discrimination, homosexuality and science. Student Senator Nick Christiansen and the Community Change Council introduced the Red Cross Resolution, recommending the FDA and Red Cross change their policy on who can donate blood.

Deputy Chief: more than just a badge and uniform

Deputy Chief Paul Dean of the UNH Police Department.
When dorm rooms, bars and apartments were filled with eager New England Patriots fans salivating at the idea of a third Super Bowl victory in four years, law enforcement monitored Main Street to ensure student and citizen safety. When the seconds trickled down and victory was official, families and friends all over New England celebrated without hesitation.


Mask and Dagger turn heavy issues on their heads

There's a towering Tyrannosaurus Rex looming in the shadows of the Strafford Room. Strewn around it lie wedding presents, bunches of silk geraniums and a discarded pair of blue satin pumps. Lounging amongst these things as though everyone has a model T-Rex in their living rooms are the cast and crew of Pterodactyls, the latest production of the UNH student theater group, Mask and Dagger.

Students get down and dirty at sex fair

It is common exam time and the MUB Strafford Room is vibrating with activity (pun shamelessly intended). Students drift in and out, chatting noisily and rocking out to the Divinyl's "I Touch Myself" and Salt 'n' Pepa's "Let's Talk About Sex." It is UNH's first Sex Fair, organized by the members of SAGE (Students Advocating Gender Equality).


Rape prevention program has positive impact

The white walls of the Alpha Xi Delta kitchen surround seven tables, each occupied by a group of girls chatting about parties, but they're not catching up on what happened the night before. They are actually discussing what they would do if they saw one of their friends being taken advantage of while they were drunk.

UNH alum spins his own mix

Alum Josh Chamberlain sits at a console in the WUNH studio.
Josh Chamberlain likes to have fun. So much so that when he was an undergrad at UNH living in Smith Hall, he and his friends moved the furniture out of his triple and brought in, piece by piece, a half-pipe so they could skateboard in the room.

"It seemed better than a desk and a bed," he said.


Student smells problem in the MUB

A student smelled suspicious odor in the MUB causing an evacuation Tuesday night.

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