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Motlëy Crüe! The comeback that no one thought possible

Mötley Crüe has great timing. Just as you're watching Tommy Lee's 20 billionth entry in VH1's "Most Awesomely Scandalous Hard Rock Cribs 4," and you're wondering why he's famous in the first place, the Crüe release a new CD to remind you "Hey, he was in the band awhile ago!" In an effort to re-emerge from the backwaters of Nostalgia television, Mötley Crüe has released a greatest hits album, with three brand new songs, called "Red, White and Crüe.


Shivaree's new CD brings back the smokey club of yore

Have you ever seen one of those movies from the 1940s where there's a great nightclub scene with a beautiful, sultry singer performing for the smoke-covered audience? This is the music of Shivaree. Don't think it's outdated. It has this sexy, hidden-in-dark-corners quality that will draw you in, walk all over your heart and will keep you begging for more.

Word Savvy Wildcats: "Little Children" by Tom Perrota

Suburban life has been the focus of many movies and books, but none in my recent memory have captured the duality of 30-something parents being adults and children at the same time quite so well as Tom Perrotta's "Little Children." In this darkly satirical novel, a child molester moves into a neighborhood, and the repercussions are none too light for concerned parents.


The Dirt ~ Unfortunately, not the winner of any Oscars

So, I hope all my faithful readers watched the Academy Awards (that's "the Oscars" to the insiders) this past Sunday. Yes? No? Fell asleep before it was over? Well, let me tell you, if Hollywood knows how to throw a ridiculously long and boring televised awards show ceremony, then they definitely know how to throw an even better after-party! So, without further ado, here's the offstage antics of the wackiest celebs in La-La Land.

Local artist talkes Folk music to new places

Out of western Massachusetts comes Chris Pureka, a folk singer whose smooth voice, passionate lyrics and skillful guitar work are creating a fan base all over the country. In fact, you could even say that Pureka is preparing for a non-hostile takeover of the folk-music scene.


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