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The vaginas are coming!

Vagina. Vagina, vagina, vagina! This is the week to talk about vaginas, listen to vaginas and think about vaginas. All this discussion about vaginas isn't just for fun, though. For the fourth year in a row, Students Advocating for Gender Equality (SAGE) is putting on the "Vagina Monologues" in support of V-Day.


Dorm vandal has long criminal past

The vandal found in Randall Hall, Thomas Emanuel, once worked on special military projects at Raytheon, graduated in the top 10 in his high school class and earned a PhD. Things changed drastically for Emanuel, who once covered himself in feces in Laconia, so no one would bring him to court.

Bill to double grant money for NH students

Do the students of this University care whether New Hampshire residents can afford college? UNH student senators have already answered that question, and the answer is "Yes."

During the Feb. 20 Student Senate meeting, the senators unanimously voted in favor of SB 181, which calls for doubling the current amount of state grant money given to NH residents to attend college.


Droping pounds and picking up germs

The UNH gym is crowded with hundreds of people, grunting, sweating and lifting. They are using the machines and lying on the mats on the floor, some with sweat towels, and others with nothing. Every day, crowds of people use the cardiovascular machines, free weights and strengthening machines.

Meningitis vaccine available at UNH

Some college students get a vaccine for meningitis before coming to the University. What some don't know is that the vaccine cannot be as effective three to five years later. At least, that used to be the case.


After controversy, housing fee increased

Student Senate members twirled nervously in orange plastic seats in McConnel Hall Sunday night, waiting for their 17th meeting of the year to commence. Four different required student fees were presented and discussed. All four were raised.

Sunday night saw a 4 percent raise in fees for the MUB, Counseling Center and Campus Recreation, which passed with little controversy.

Songs of Relief: students and community bind together for tsunami benefit

It was an a cappella-fest this past Sunday night that not only brought entertainment to Durham, but also benefited tsunami victims with donations made by the attendees.

A cappella groups Not Too Sharp, The New Hampshire Gentlemen, Maiden Harmony and Alabaster Blue united together for a benefit concert in a collaborative UNH and community-wide effort to raise money for tsunami relief.


UNH says Martin Luther King's dream still relevant

You'll have to excuse Kevin Powell, he's a little busy these days. In between writing newspaper and magazine articles, speaking at colleges across the country, writing and publishing books and poetry and chronicling the hip-hop movement, the ever-busy journalist and hip-hop historian spent an evening at the University of New Hampshire discussing the life and legacy of Dr.

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