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UNH works to meet Clery Act requirements

Since The New Hampshire first learned the University of New Hampshire was not in compliance with the Clery Act, the University has taken steps to get into compliance.

In a Feb. 15 article, TNH disclosed that the University had failed to notify students, staff and prospective students of its recent annual security report by Oct. 1, as required by the Clery Act. TNH also uncovered that the University's report did not include a few items that are required by federal law.


Nearly 1,000 people pledge in the substance "freekend"

Student Senator Valerie Hooper takes her turn signing people up at the Substance Freekend weekend table Friday afternoon. Two hundred students´ pledges hang on the wall showing thier promise to stay stubstance free for the weekend.
Almost 1,000 students made a pledge to stay substance free for the weekend of March 4 to March 6 by signing up at a table in the MUB attended by Student Senate members.

UNH students 'AIM' for distraction

A sample chat window using the Aol Instant Messenger software
A plague has descended upon our nation. It has permeated our culture like an inescapable fog. Victims of this pestilence reside in apartments, private homes and dorm rooms across America. In other words, no one is safe.

But instead of robbing its victims of their health, as did the Black Death of the Middle Ages, it robs them of their time.


Student athletic trainers: on the edge of the ice

Athletic trainer Lisa Shakun applies ice to winger Jacob MicFlickier after the ´Cats 3-2 loss to the BU Terriers Saturday night.
Juniors Lisa Shakun and Matt Donahue spend their weeks, Monday through Saturday, at the Whittemore Center. They arrive at men's hockey practice an hour early during the week. On game days they have to be at the Whittemore Center at 4 p.m. for a 7 p.m. game.

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