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A soul singer with a metal heart: meet Rebecca Pronsky

Three dudes, one chick. Will play Jazz, Pop, and Metal (the later by request).
Sultry, Intimate, Soulful. These are just a few words that describe Brooklyn's Rebecca Pronsky. The singer/songwriter/guitarist who founded the Rebecca Pronsky band takes her mix of lounge pop and folkie-jazz to the Red Door in Portsmouth on Monday, March 14.


Wes Craven's "Cursed": rent "Teen Wolf" instead

Wes Craven's most recent horror flick "Cursed" is about a brother and sister living in Los Angeles mourning the recent loss of their parents. They are brought together by a savage werewolf attack. They are forced to fight for survival against both the beast and the dangers of its virulent curse.

Word Savvy Wildcats ~ "America (The Book): A citizen's guide to inaction" by John Stewart

To find out more information about America, Check out the Comedy Central website.
Naked Supreme Court justices. Not a pretty picture. Really not a pretty picture at all, but there it is smack-dab in the middle of Jon Stewart's book "America (the Book): A Citizen's Guide to Inaction." Stewart and his gang of "Daily Show" writers have created a textbook on how to turn democracy into any satirist's dream.


Rentables: 'Spinal Tap' extras on DVD

Many columns ago, I wrote a piece on "Spinal Tap." The gist of that article was that "Spinal Tap" ranks about 40.7 bazillion on the awesome scale, and everyone should watch it. Recently, I was talking about the movie with a friend, and she suggested I should watch the movie with the commentary track on.

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