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The University has suffered another great loss this week. Professor of Psychology Stella Arambel died in a car accident on her way to the University Wednesday morning.

Both colleagues and students respected Arambel.

She excelled in her research on cognitive processing.


Benefits of AIM

Concerning Ms. Plummer's article about the wasting away of the student body's free time thanks to AIM: I find it extremely hard to take statements about how "pathetic" the campus is in its reliance on AIM from a writer that has a screen name herself. Until recently, Plummer herself has been a user of AIM, just like the 96 percent of the campus that she points a finger at.

Whitney Williams in Perspective

In response to all the commotion over Whitney Williams' remarks, I would like to put things in perspective. First, I am an active fraternity man who has worked with the Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP) as a chair for the Interfraternity Council and have held many leadership positions in my chapter. I sympathize with the people, both men and women, who I have encountered in my time here and who have experienced a lack of privilege. But the people who I admire most are those who overcome this lack of privilege and find unparalleled and often surprising success with the help of lessons learned in the past.


A moment of silence, please

A psychology professor I had last semester died in a car accident on the morning of March 9 on the way to UNH. Oddly enough, this is the closest I have ever been to someone who has died. I'm not at the point of tears, but this is the first time in a long time that I've gotten the bad wave of shivers throughout my body.

Definately-not-satire: Cable news channel accused of partiality

The Media Research Center released a new report on Monday, which reaches a surprising conclusion: The cable news network The Weather Channel is a haven of liberal bias. The report comes in the wake of the presidential election, which was one of the most hotly contentious in American history, largely due to the perceived tension between the political right and left.


Painefully painful opinions

I am responding to the "Painefully Right" article that was featured in Tuesday's paper. Incidentally, I have known James Paine for nearly four years now, and I have always refrained from responding to his columns, because I am aware of the fact that he thrives on the attention that he receives from his offensive perspectives and opinions. However, I found this week's column even more "Painefully" painful than usual

The real story of Robin Hood

What a nice little world my friend Mr. Swanson lives in. Never needs an original thought, and never lets the truth get in his way. Sweeeet!


Attn: Matt Sanderson

This is in response to Matt Sanderson's tale of woe about the parking situation in Durham.

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