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Fatal accident on 108

A startling sense of reality was sent through the campus as first year teacher Stella R. Arambel died early Wednesday morning.

Arambel was driving northbound when she lost control of her 1994 BMW and traveled into the southbound lane. She then collided with a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am.


UNH loses a "rising star"

While many UNH students and faculty prepare to take off for warmer climates and sandy shores, others will find their weeklong spring vacation dampened by the death of professor Stella Arambel.

Weighing the weather: curtailing operations at UNH

In late January, one of the first snow storms of the spring semester dumped several inches of snow on B lot.
This semester has been one of the snowiest semesters that UNH has seen. While the inches of snow have been piling up, UNH has made sure that our snow days don't do the same. Countless UNH students who have woken up the morning after a storm have called the storm line and have been supremely disappointed to learn that "there are no expected delays.


Stitchin' style: old tradition refuses to unravel

Martin Luther King Jr. day is commemerated at UNH.
Margot Erdmann loves knitting so much that she skipped class in college to knit and crochet.

"I was destined for it," she said. Now years later, Erdmann co-owns Spinning Yarns in Dover with her husband, Rick. Just two and a half years old, their business arrived just in time to serve those who have long since loved the art of knitting and the throng of beginners flooding the scene.

Phone harassment, more than a prank

The phone rings, and you pick it up. On the other line is an unusual voice asking you, "Is your refrigerator running?" The oldest joke in the book, you simply laugh or get annoyed and hang up. More recently women around campus have been answering their phones to the tune of "What are you wearing?" and "Give it to me, baby.


UNH tries to move beyond the stereotypes

Addressing stereotypes and complexities of the gay male was on top of the agenda for the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) last Monday night in an event called "Will, Jack, Stanford: Moving Beyond the Stereotypical Gay Male." The 90-minute forum featured five openly gay members of the UNH community talking about the stereotypes of gay men and whether or not they are realistic.

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