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Editorial: University must make a stand against discrimination

Whether or not you agree with the Patriarchy Slam as an event or not, everyone should be angered by what happened to David Huffman.

For those that are not up to date with the situation that occurred, David Huffman, as a reporter for the conservative publication "Common Sense" attempted to attend the Slam Against Patriarchy on the Thursday before Spring Break.


Kingsbury Construction Workers

To the Editor:

Last month, union workers stood outside the Kingsbury construction site to protest D'Agostino Construction, a masonry company that UNH has contracted. D'Agostino Construction has a documented history of repeated and intentional wage and hour violations and has purposefully misclassified immigrant workers in order to pay them lower wages.

Internet access in dining halls

To the Editor:

University Hospitality Services is please to announce the added service of providing e-mail and Internet access in each of our dining halls. The purpose of this service is to provide students with e-mail access and Internet capability. Unfortunately, this privilege has already been abused by a small population of users who have downloaded inappropriate material to the workstations.


Patriarchy Slam Clarification

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to David Huffman's op-ed about the Patriarchy Slam. I attended the event coordinated by the Feminist Action League in order to support my friends, and I would like to clarify the facts of the case. Dave Huffman was not allowed to stay for the latter part of the event and was told that because he was a man, who was not an ally, the organizers were uncomfortable of his potential insensitivity to the women during the speak-out portion of the event.

Discrimination 101

To the Editor:

"The 'Most Likely to Get Us Nasty Letters' Award: To the 19-year-old heterosexual male, who when asked what celebrity he most would like to have sex with, said 'Whitney Williams.' He went on to add, 'My c**k is huge.'"

Did this give you a good laugh? I'm sure David Huffman, cheerleader for "Common Sense" and friend of TNH, (affirmed by the copious amount of letters supporting him in last Friday's TNH) tittered a little bit.


Gables Parking Problems

To the Editor:

Residents of the Gables Apartments were recently informed that we would be getting two new towers built in order to accommodate the growing number of students here at the University. This was all a well and good idea that we welcomed up until a few days ago.

"Main Street Magazine" found offensive by many

To the Editor:

The members of President's Committee on Violence Against Women on Campus (VAW) want to express our strong concerns about the sexist tone and content of the most recent "Main Street Magazine." The VAW committee consists of UNH students, faculty and staff.


Painefully Right: Patriarchy Huh?

There has been a lot of hubbub focused on the word patriarchy around campus lately, most notably (and apparently newsworthy) the Feminist Action League (FAL) with their opus, the Patriarchy Slam. Patriarchy, a system villainously administered by men, is such a threat to society that some men have gone against their evil kindred and formed groups to combat the patriarchy menace, aptly calling themselves The Men Against Patriarchy.

The censored side of gender issues

To the Editor:

All of us have heard and read many times how men are the privileged half of the society. And even though most men do suspect that that is not the whole story, few of us are prepared for the harsh reality of the 21st century.

Even as most of us do not know the meaning of the word misandry, over the last year we have seen that men are the only birth group against whom hatred and sexually threatening language is legal and acceptable.


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