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Kaburst aims to connect the Seacoast region

New social media website allows businesses to link up with locals

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Published: Friday, October 7, 2011

Updated: Friday, October 7, 2011 00:10


Kaburst, a new social media site, has come to the Seacoast, providing local businesses and nonprofit organizations with new ways of connecting to their consumers.

"We have found that the most effective way to reach consumers is through texting and email," said David Spannaus, co-owner of Kaburst and a co-owner of RADvertising Solutions. "We have created a means for companies to advertise to consumers cost-effectively."

Kaburst's mission is to be an opportunity to "Connect with Your Local Community," according its website.  Kaburst aims to remove the clutter that has inundated the world of small-business advertising and replace it with a powerful, cost-effective marketing solution that's easy to use. 

"There are many benefits for users," Spannaus said. "There is a worry that users may get ‘fed-up' with notifications but that is why we have allowed them to determine for themselves exactly when, how, and whom they get information from."

For businesses, Kaburst serves as an updated medium for advertising. In comparison to the print ads of the past, Kaburst enables a business or nonprofit organization to send its consumers a "burst" through text or email that updates that consumer on deals going on that week, changes in menus, new entertainment options, changes in hours, etc. 

The company provides cost-effective advertising for businesses and charges nothing for nonprofit organizations. Kaburst also provides businesses with the ability to immediately inform their consumers with new information, whereas a printed ad in the yellow pages in the past would not allow for updating.

"We believe that we are the only social media company that is nonprofit and family oriented," Spannaus said. "Our business is civic-minded and focused on the local community."

Consumers dictate what information they want to receive. There is an "opt out," "opt in" system that helps to control the amount of feedback consumers receive on a day-to-day basis. 

"Kaburst has a unique platform which allows businesses and consumers to connect at their discretion," said Caleb Bienefeld, a Kaburst intern. "Having on-demand advertising allows maximum exposure to consumers in a business area, ensuring that their deals are being sent to the target audience immediately."

Privacy is also a very important part of the company. In an age where most sites incessantly email their clientele, Kaburst's aim is to be non-intrusive.

"One main thing that sets Kaburst apart is how user-friendly it is," said Alexandra White, vice president of New Business & Client Relations for Kaburst. "Consumers can dictate their email and texting settings. We are trying to eliminate spam and are trying to focus and help the users get information and deals about businesses and non-profit organizations that they are interested in."

For small businesses, Kaburst could offer new opportunities.

"My goal with Kaburst is to reach out to small business owners in Durham and the Seacoast area to introduce a method of advertising which is efficient, easy to use, and cost-effective," Bienefeld said. "Small business owners don't have the time or money for traditional advertising through mediums such as the newspaper, radio, and television. Kaburst is the world's only on-demand advertising system which offers control over the frequency and duration of information from businesses at their convenience."

Although the company has only been up and running for less than six months, expansion is a goal.

"We are looking to take this platform on a national level," Spannaus said. "Our target is to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 250-300,000 users over the first full fiscal year."

Eventually, the company would like to cater to professionals and the average community member who needs advertising.

"We wanted to start a Kaburst branch in New Hampshire," White said. "There is an incredible market here. We are starting at the college level and hope to organically grow as a social media site, similar as to how Facebook did."

The company employs college students across the country.

"We are very excited about incorporating college students into our business plan," Spannaus said. "My wife and I love working with young adults who are tech-savvy and have a great vision and energy for the company."

Kaburst is headquartered in Connecticut, with territories in New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, DC, New York and Virginia.

"So far we have had positive feedback," White said. "Businesses have been willing to take a chance on us, which we are grateful for. We are excited for Kaburst to explode as a social media website."

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