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SCOPE anticipates multiple concerts for spring semester

Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Updated: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 01:02


Susan Doucet/Staff

The SCOPE executive board plans to hold multiple concerts during the spring semester spanning a variety of music genres.

After the success of last semester’s fall concert, the Student Committee on Popular Entertainment (SCOPE) is excited for what’s to come. The group has already started planning for this semester and things are going to be much different THAN what students are used to.

The group’s executive board said that instead of doing one concert per semester as they usually do, they want to switch things up and hold multiple concerts this spring. SCOPE is hoping to have two or three shows, although it’s hard to say exactly how many there will be. 

“You can’t really put a number on how many shows because there are so many opportunities,” Hospitality Director Shawn Robidoux said.

SCOPE has been working hard to find artists and already has some plans set in motion. 

“We have one really concrete one,” Executive Director Bethany Bucciarelli said. “We’re definitely making some moves.”

SCOPE is hoping to bring a variety of music from across multiple genres, to appeal to fans across the student body. 

“We’ve already tackled one genre and we don’t want to overload with rap,” Security Director Nick Nolin said.

According to the results of the survey conducted after the fall concert, SCOPE found that students are very interested in having a country artist come to campus. The success of the Eli Young Band two years ago also supports this interest. 

The poll showed that students are interested in pop and rap, TOO. However, representatives of SCOPE said that it really comes down to the availability of artists, as well as the date and venue availability.

“[The shows] could all be on the same weekend or they could be three weeks apart,” Bucciarelli said. “I really don’t know.”

Although most students are accustomed to SCOPE shows being held in the Whittemore Center, the group wants some of this semester’s shows to be in the Field House. Bucciarelli said that the benefits of this are that it’s all floor seating and that it’s much more intimate.

“I’m excited to see how students react to a Field House show,” Bucciarelli said.

The Field House holds approximately 2,500 people, half of what the Whittemore Center can hold. Because of this, shows for this semester will be on a much smaller scale than in the past. Since more genres are covered though, less people will be at each show because they have more to choose from.

“We’ll be able to please the largest cross section of the university,” Bucciarelli said.

A lot of planning is coming up for the group, though, and it hopes to accomplish a lot over the next few weeks.

“February will be a huge month,” Production Director Ian Standish said.

SCOPE will be electing a new executive board this weekend. This new group will transition to their new roles for the last show of the semester.

“It’ll be a big transition and they’ll be able to show everyone how they’ll be as leaders,” Nolin said.

One of the most important pieces of information regarding SCOPE’s concerts isn’t the venue, date or genre; it’s the artist. SCOPE is staying quiet about their plans and ideas, though. Publicity Director Hailey Brennan only had one hint as to who will be performing.

“Let me put this in for the books – Beyoncé is not coming.”

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