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Storify: UNH unveils new logo

Design Editor

Published: Sunday, December 8, 2013

Updated: Sunday, December 8, 2013 14:12


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Tue Feb 4 2014 12:29
another way for UNH to waste money... joke...
Disheartened Alum
Fri Dec 13 2013 08:21
I am hurrying up to campus as fast as possible to get UNH gear with the old logo on it.

This new one is brutal.

Kalle Blomkvist
Thu Dec 12 2013 15:56
@Anonymous 17:20
In my opinion, design contests are pretty scummy. Students are invited to do all the work in designing an original logo which, contrary to a lot of peoples' claims, takes a significant amount of time. They then submit it, oftentimes losing the rights to the artwork, for the possibility of being compensated, which itself is often a fraction of what it would cost to hire a professional firm. Or they might be given something far less, like "recognition" that will be a good "resume builder.

That doesn't even take into account other costs, because after they get a design from a contest - which they would need to pay to advertise - they'll need to pay for the cost of copyrighting the thing, of making sure it doesn't violate other copyrights, of developing a marketing plan to accompany the logo and of other things that I'm probably not thinking of.

I don't know how much of the money paid to the design firm went to creative services versus to legal fees. It'd be interesting to see what that breakdown is, and imagine it could be enlightening to some people.

As to your other point, I think that a good advertising campaign has better long term value to the university than paying for a couple students' tuition

Wed Dec 11 2013 17:20
Kalle, as a student who graduated with close to 6 figures of WSBE debt, I find it appalling that the administration didn't even think of opening this up to students and alumni. This could have paid for an undergraduate degree or wiped out an Alum's debt. In their race to the bottom, UNH forgot the students who struggled so valiantly against it.
Tue Dec 10 2013 09:20
What did the $100,000 go to? A think tank of comprised of the most boring, unimaginative people available on the eastern seaboard? Fair trade Columbian coffee for the think tank members? Did they have to pay top dollar for a classic Apple 2 computer on Ebay in order to create the lamest logo ever on a DOS program? This is sad and pathetic. My sister is a graphic artist employed by Rutgers-CAMDEN in NJ and she could fart a better logo than this!!!
Tue Dec 10 2013 02:32
The new logo has NOTHING to do with UNH the school. It's just letters in a shield. Not only was a tremendous waste of time and money, but they couldn't even come up with something that looks halfway decent after trying twice.
Tue Dec 10 2013 00:38
@M Hale

It's probably the traditional UNH blue (Pantone 288). I think what we're seeing in the picture is the differences caused by printing techniques, lighting, computer color settings, etc.

M Hale
Mon Dec 9 2013 15:23
So is it royal blue or navy blue? Or both? That aside, it just looks generic, like no thought was put into whatsoever. What about it says New Hampshire?
Mon Dec 9 2013 14:29
Yes, the money for the design was not taken out of the pockets of the students. However, this does not negate how inappropriate it was for the administration to use this money to approve and pay for a design so generic, unoriginal, and stale. This design is not worth the money, no matter who paid for it. If the design was better executed and/or the cost had been more reasonable, students and alumni most likely would be more willing to accept the change.
It is very disappointing that the administration has chosen to place their priority on changing the logo--which only directly benefits the administration and does nothing to help improve the overall academic and social experience of the students at any of the colleges. Someone had available funds they were willing to donate to the school and the administration should have convinced the donor to put the money towards something for the students. With tuition so high, this is not the time to change a logo when there are more important issues to address.
At the same time, the Bell Tower has served as a classy, unique, and recognize logo for UNH and its affiliated schools. While the Thompson Hall may not be physically located at the other schools, it serves an important role in UNH's overall history. If you want to know more, go take a tour of it! (If you go for a tour, you can learn history of the building, see old photographs of the school, get an up-close look at the Bell, and sign your name in the tower for posterity!) The University of New Hampshire started with Thompson Hall...and look what it grew into! Multiple campuses! Incredible!
Thompson Hall is located in Durham so students at the other UNH-affiliated schools do not have the opportunity to see the Tower like the Durham students can. That's completely understandable. However, just because the building is not within their close proximity does not mean that it did not contribute to the history of the other schools.
Thousands of dollars were put towards the design of this logo. I've heard that it was between $65,000 and $100,000. Many people believe this job could have been done cheaper and without the hiring of a non-NH company. This logo represents students, alumni, faculty, and the great state of New Hampshire. Even though we did not donate the money for its design, I believe we all do have a right to express our opinions that this design does not represent the University of New Hampshire and its affiliated schools in high academic regard. Some of us think this logo cheapens our reputation greatly.
Frank McCann, Professor of History Emeritus
Mon Dec 9 2013 13:01
The old and still present logo was appropriate for a university. The " new" one looks like a business symbol, it evokes nothing of UNH. Why replace something that immediately is recognizable with this lifeless thing.
Kalle Blomkvist
Sun Dec 8 2013 14:35
Re: the cost. It wasn't tuition money that was spent on this. It was a donation that was made SPECIFICALLY to pay for this project. Are there more "worthwhile" things that amount of money that could have been used on? Debatably, sure.

But that doesn't mean that UNH should look a gift horse in a mouth. If that's what the donor wanted to give for, and UNH thinks that it was a legitimate need, then UNH was wise to do the redesign.

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