Sony made its intentions of getting out of the smartphone world clear over a year ago, but given that last year’s models will be coming to the U.S., it seems the company still feels the urge of testing the waters before it finally calls it quits.

The tech giant unveiled three models – Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact, and Z5 Premium. Given its premium tag, the latter phone is stocked with quite someamazing features. However, the problem here is that not all of them are easily visible to novice users.

If you just bought yourself a new Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, here are some top tips and tricks to help you better control your camera, get the most of out the device’s rather poor battery life as well as customize the phone’s appearance.

Enhanced photography

Sony stacked a 23MP lens on the Xperia Z5 Premium smartphone; however, the snapper has a default setting of 8MP. If you feel like getting the entire 23MP, it is possible to set the snapper via the phone’s camera app. Just tap on the three-dot settings to make this change.

Speaking of the camera app, you will also come across some shooting modes. There is room to play around with them. The app allows users to move around tiles simply by long-pressing and then dragging them to the place you want. To delete the ones you don’t want, long press and then check out for a trash icon at the top end of the display.

The Z5 Premium comes with optical image stabilization and so as to get the best shots without any blurs, you need to make the most of it. When in Auto mode, tap the settings icon and then select the video tab. From here, enable SteadyShot for stable videos. When in Manual mode, tap on the settings icon then flicks the Image Stabilizer switch to enable it. There is a SteadyShot option when in 4K video mode as well and it also needs to be turned on. With all these, you be sure of great photography from Sony’s 2015 smartphone flagship.

Longer battery life

If you want to enjoy a longer battery life when using the Xperia Z5 Premium, you need to take advantage of the Stamina Mode. This will even get better for you if using the latest version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your gizmo, with Sony claiming that it adds up to 400% of battery life.

However, being a Power saving mode, the Stamina Mode will reduce your phone’s capability, for instance, block background data transfer, cut down on notifications as well as disable auto sync. Though small, these things help a lot when it comes to saving your phone’s battery power. If this doesn’t work, you can opt for a more severemode known as Ultra Stamina. But this will leave you with basic functions of the phone only.

Go to Settings>Device>Power Management.

Uninstall stock apps

Android’s open source nature means that OEMs such as Sony can play around with the OS before rolling it out with its devices. As a result, you will find stock apps on the Xperia Z5 Premium from both Sony and Google.

You can uninstall some of these apps to free up your phone, but be sure that you don’t need these apps at all. Just open the app drawer then press and hold to any space. Small X-shaped crosses will appear on icons of the apps that can be uninstalled from the phone. Tap on the ones you want out and that‘s it. In case the apps you want to be removed doesn’t show the X mark, go to the Apps settings and tap on the app in question. On the page, that opens, tap on Disable to turn this and any other app off.

Special modes

Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium matches its name tag by adding premium abilities to the device. The phone has some very specialmodes that come along with it, but as mentioned earlier, they are not easily accessible to novice users.

The Glove mode, for instance, can be used by people living in cold countries as it allows touching the screen with hands in gloves. There is Tap to Wake Up mode which allows users to wake up the Z5 Premium by simply double-tapping on the screen. Finally, there is the controlsmart backlight that takes advantage of the device’s sensors to determine whether you are reading (or staring towards the screen) to keep the screen on.

All of these special modes can be found in the Display settings of the Z5 Premium.