Clash of Clans Latest Updates Reduces The War Loot

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Many Clash of Clans fans are quite disappointed with the new major update that was released for Clash of Clans. It seems that this update has brought significant changes to the game and some of them were not received very well by some players.

According to reports, the players received now fewer rewards after winning a Clan War. A Clash of Clans player said that after updating his Town Hall to level 11 he noticed that the top guy that had a Town Hall level 10 has received only 490k, instead of 720k resources.

However, keep in mind that by attacking lower Town Hall levels both in village raids or Clan Wars, you will receive fewer resources, and it seems that now even if you attack a player that has the same Town Hall level as you, you will get fewer resources than before.

There are not many players who have responded on the forums, so we’re not sure if this is an isolated case or if the developers have really reduced the resources significantly. Another reason for the low resource rewards is that a very high number of players have updated their Town Hall level immediately to level 11 without upgrading their structures and resources buildings. Keep in mind that a high Town Hall with a low defensive strength will not grant a high sources reward to players.

Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, hasn’t made any official statement about this issue, but we’re pretty sure that they will explain what’s going with these low resources that you win now during Clan Wars in Clash of Clans.

Most of the players are hoping that this is just a bug and the developer didn’t mean to decrease the amount of resources gained in Clan Wars as this is actually the “end game” in this game, where you should get great rewards.

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