PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One – Which One Did You Buy?

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

The biggest rivals on the console market are Sony and Microsoft and their products, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, have been significantly upgraded over their predecessors, reaching a point of maturation. Even if they’re already two years old, these consoles are still luring many consumers, who are undecided which one of them to buy. It’s hard to pick the right console when each system is unique in its own way and supports some exclusive features or games. Below, we’ll compare the two consoles and you’ll decide which one is best for you.

Backward Compatibility

From this point of view, Microsoft holds the advantage of offering a superior package, while Sony is trying to fully implement backwards compatibility for its latest console. However, there will be a big challenge for both manufacturers because they will include AMD chips in their PS5 and Xbox Two and they will need to ensure backwards compatibility from the first day.


Sony has a PlayStation Now service which is giving the PS 4 an extra point because the players have access to disc-based games thanks to the backward compatibility implementation.


In terms of graphics, the PS4 is ahead of the Xbox One, because Sony has used superior chips and because of that, Microsoft was criticized by the fans and reviewers, as its Xbox One console doesn’t deliver some games output at 1080p. This resolution was easily achieved on the PS4 and there are many superior games that the fans are obsessed with. Microsoft made the mistake to sell an expensive machine with a less powerful chip and the fans criticized its strategy.


Microsoft added the Xbox One app in Windows 10, so the users can now stream games over a local network, on a Windows PC. The users can easily communicate with their friends, in living rooms, where they compare their scores or come up with better offensive techniques. Sony doesn’t offer this functionality, but a similar feature has been introduced on the PS Vita.


Microsoft has launched the Xbox Elite controller with a headphone jack, a feature that has been enjoyed for the PS 4 fans as well. The controller buttons on the Xbox One can be remapped at the system level and the players will see that the games are easier to play. Sony, on the other hand, has introduced two features that have been promised years ago: suspend and resume.

Exclusive games

In 2015, Sony has added Bloodborne as a PS 4 exclusive game, but it also brought The Last of Us, a great game with a captivating storytelling. Another successful exclusive game for PS 4 was Dark Souls, but Microsoft has tried to please its users by offering them Tomb Raider. There are many games that are available on both consoles, but the experience on the PS 4 is, in some cases, even superior.

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