GTA 6 Release Date – Not Too Early To Avoid Disastrous Results

Even if the current game from Rockstar Games is three years old, Grand Theft Auto V being launched in 2013, the developers not mentioned a future game in the series. On the other hand, the internet is full of speculations and rumors about the launch of the new Grand Theft Auto VI.

According to some online publications, the next game in the GTA series should launch in 2018, but it looks suspicious and a little hopeful at best. If this rumors prove to be true and the next GTA to see the light of day in 2018, this will be a godsend for the fans and will be considered an early launch of the game.

If we are to think about the previous launch schedule of the Rockstar Games Company, it takes about five years to fully develop a game in the GTA series, which was the case of GTA IV and GTA V at least. The last title in the series was launched in September 2013, thus meaning that it would be premature if the next game would hit the market early in 2018.

In the case of such highly-expected games, even if its off by just a few months, the early release of a game of such magnitude could have disastrous results. The difference could come in terms of quality and audience feedback and if the game does not raise to the fan’s expectations this could lead to an epic fail for Rockstar Games.

Even so, the early launch of the game, in 2018, is just a rumor so far, and as we all know the internet is full of this kind of speculations and those speculations varies from the release date to how different the game will be and what other new features it will contain.

One of the most popular current rumors is that the next game from the GTA series will feature a multiple-city layout, combining different previous locations into one massive sandbox world. On top of that it is said that Rockstar games intends to change the game mode entirely, a subscription-basted game mode, someway similar to one of the most popular franchise in the gaming industry, World of Warcraft.

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