How to Download and Install WhatsApp on an Android Tablet

Despite having been around for up to 6 years now, WhatsApp has yet to start officially supporting tablets.

However, there are ways you can go around and install this application on your Android tablet.

While there are some methods where you must root your device, there is one method in particular which is very simple and works perfectly well. Here is a simple guide of how you can download and install the latest version of WhatsApp on your Android tablet without rooting it.

Before proceeding with this process, be warned that a new WhatsApp account will be created on your tablet, meaning that you will no longer access the app via the device is currently installed on.

What you need

WhatsApp makes use of phone numbers to create user accounts. This is the first thing you’ll need even though you are using a tablet. To ensure that you keep hold of your current WhatsApp account on your phone, use a different phone number from the usual number. In short, you need to get a new SIM card for this purpose. This is a very simple, quick and the most effective way of getting WhatsApp on an Android tablet.

Take the new SIM and insert it into a handset. Make sure the SIM has all your contacts saved on it. In case you are using the same phone, you will still be able to re-insert your old card into the phone again once you are done.

How to setup WhatsApp on Android tablets

It’s easy to set up a WhatsApp account on an Android tablet once you gather the above requirements. Using your tablet’s web browser, visit the official WhatsApp page and get the latest APK from there. Make sure you have selected the Desktop site option in the menu to avoid being redirected to the Play Store.

Make sure you get the Android version of the app and in no time the file will be downloaded to your tablet. If this is a problem, you can do so using your PC browser and transfer the downloaded WhatsApp APK to the tablet via a USB cable. Make sure you enable installation from unknown sources via the device’s security settings so to allow installation of APKs that are not from the Play Store. Once the installation is done, remember to disable this option to prevent unnecessary installation of apps from unwanted sites.

Tap on the downloaded APK to begin the installation process. Once the process is over, launch the app and go through the simple setup instructions available on the screen. The setup will ask for your number. Go ahead and input the new number you just acquired and once this is done, a verification code will be sent to the entered number in theform of a message. Enter the code to complete the verification and begin setting up the app as usual.

That’s it! You now have WhatsApp on your tablet.

How to migrate a WhatsApp account from phone to tablet

While the above method is used when you want to create a totally different WhatsApp account, there is another way of doing things when you want to have the same account as the one you have on your phone. However, this will mean the phone account is migrated to the tablet.

Rather than make use of a different phone number, simply go through the same steps using the same phone number. This will ensure that the phone account is terminated while at the same time activated on the Android tablet.

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