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With so many Android smartphones and tablets out there, it’s not wonder that the number of apps has increased at a tremendous rate. Users can download a bunch of neat games and apps, which are used for practical purposes or entertainment dones. If you want to know which are currently the best Android apps, you should take a look at the ones listed below.

Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome is free with in-app purchase and it is Gameloft’s newest launch. This is pretty much a game that involves fighting. The best part about it, is that it also follows a story line and it’s not hard to play.

LEGO Nexo Knights

LEGO Nexo Knights is a free and new game that has been reveled by LEGO. To sum up the storyline, the kingdom must be protected by the malicious Jestro. If you play with the actions figures, you can also scan them and unlock more fantastic powers.

Launcher X

Launcher X is a very straightforward launcher, which has been creating on AOSP 3, but it also comes packed with some neat bonuses, courtesy of tech aces. With it, you get great features for personalizing the launcher, the slide out drawer feature plus the gesture control, so even if it’s very recent, this is surely worth a try. This will cost $4.99.

Metro 2033: Wars

Metro 2033: Wars is the perfect strategy game. This one was even created after the book with the same name. You have to face a lot of enemies in a fateful world. It costs $7.99, but the best part about it is that there are no in-app purchases and if you’re into strategy games, this one is a must.

Space Jet

Space Jet is the ideal game, if you’re a skilled shooter or if you’re simply looking to improve such skills. The controls for this game are quite nice and during the game, you can get lots of new upgrades, which include camouflage abilities for the spaceship and more. This game is free with in-app purchases, but all in all it’s a great multiplayer shooter. So, why not try it out?

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