YouTube is Viewed 11 Times More than Facebook in a Day


The year is over and 2016 has just kicked in.

As usual, the top performing applications and services were once again ranked and according to results coming from the various industry analysis firms, Facebook, Google and Apple apps were some of the most used in 2015.

Facebook’s main app topped the list when it comes to the most used apps in the U.S. and it was closely followed by Google’s YouTube. While there is no doubt in this report, taking a different angle of the same report will reveal otherwise.

Facebook recently announced that it receives more than 8 billion video views in a single day. This is a huge achievement for a platform that deals with lots of media and there is no doubt that many will see it as a big deal. But wait; what if we take a look at the number of hours spent on each platform in a single day while viewing these videos?

According to the latest stats, the total number of hours per day that users spend on YouTube viewing videos is 11 times more than the time they spend on Facebook viewing videos over the same period. This is a discovery that was made by SimilarWeb, a site traffic and mobile analytics firm based in the U.S. The firm revealed that YouTubers spend more hours on the desktop site than they do when it comes to Facebook.

U.S. online video viewers spend up to an equivalent of 8, 061 years watching YouTube videos while Facebook only accounts for an equivalent of 713 years. The difference is significantly huge.

YouTube still leads the way in terms of global viewing

Even though Facebook tops the list when it comes to hours spent on the platform on a single day in the world – approximately 100,000 years of daily attention – the same story is not consistent when it comes to global video audience. When SimilarWeb takes into account other global markets where the two services are available, the result is astonishing.

On a global level, YouTube manages an equivalent of only 46,000 years of daily watching. On the other hand, Facebook only manages 5, 625 years of watching videos on a single day.

Some experts differ on how a view counts on each platform where YouTube considers one as a view when it lasts up to 30 seconds, whereas Facebook takes into account only 3 seconds of play as one view. Nonetheless, it would mean YouTube is better placed when it comes to attracting users since Facebook’s videos in the News Feed will sometimes play even if one hasn’t prompted them to play, which can be counted as a view yet it wasn’t you did not play the video on purpose.


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