GTA 5 Liberty City Expansion Con Falsely Rumored – Find Out The Truth

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During this past holiday season, GTA 5 aficionados were shocked at hearing that Rockstar is planning to release a major Liberty City expansion. Of course this was just a rumor, but it was enough to make players wonder as this innuendo appeared a few days before Christmas after a tweet was shared by the famous GTA 5 informer, Funmw2. After that, all kinds of rumors started to surface and they all referred to the Liberty City expansion that might be released by Rockstar.

And to add even more heat to such rumors, there were photos that revealed the so-called Liberty City, as well as two police officers chasing down Franklin. Those photos also showed various fast automobiles involved in brisk race and a mysterious motorbiker. But, in the end this material proved to be false.

Rockstar may have also been responsible for spreading such grapevine regarding the Liberty City expansion as the company announced on Rockstar Newswire that those who wish to win a Liberty City Story for iPad Mini or iPhone 6 Plus are free to give it a shot. But, in the end, the pandemonium ceased and Funmw2’s post definitely managed to calm down the spirits “Looks like my source was wrong about this week regarding getting new info about SP DLC I will try to check if he can get more pictures.” In short, either the source was truly misguided or we can assume that there is no expansion to look forward to.

Even if a new DLC might be part of Rockstar’s plans, this is no easy task for the developers and even if there will be a Liberty City included in the GTA 5, this may or may not happen in the near future. Despite these rumors, GTA 5 will continue to get DLC updates in 2016.

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  1. You fucking idiot they have been working on a SP DLC since 2013 it’s been 3 years and since GTA 4 and GTA 5 run from the same game engine it won’t be hard to add Liberty City into Grand Theft Auto 5 -_- Know your shit I am sick of you fucking idiotic writers ….

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