Is Apple Getting the iPhone a New Screen?

iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC One M10

Smartphone consumers look at different aspects of these gadgets before deciding on which one to buy.

While many people concentrate on basic features such as the amount of storage available and the quality of the camera on offer, there are other sophisticated users who will want to know more about things like the processor speed, RAM, GPU as well as everything to do with the screen apart from its size of the display.

In most cases, you will find the latter set of consumers on the higher end of the spectrum while the former dwells in the mid and lower range. Someone not so familiar with screen technology would be quick to ask: what is on a screen? Well, if you have never considered the type or rather quality of thescreen on offer when buying a premium phone, Apple is just about to give you a reason to.

The latest rumors suggest that Apple might be working on new deals with South Korean tech giants Samsung and LG; a deal that would let the iPhone maker introduce a different type of screen technology in future iPhones. The Cupertino-based company is looking to introduce organic light-emitting diode (OLED) on its most valued product so as to better the quality of images on offer when compared to the current liquid crystal display (LCD) technology.

A major change in 5 years

The last time Apple made a significant change in its screen technology was back in 2010 when it introduced the Retina displays. This technology promised much better displays such that users can hardly tell the difference between what is displayed on the screen and printed images.

It is, however, the first time Apple is shifting its attention from LCD screens since the iPhone made its debut in 2007.

While none of Apple, LG or Samsung has responded to this report, it is not the first time such news is coming through. Sometimes back, Japan’s Nikkei revealed that Apple was pondering on dropping the current iPhone screen technology in 2018.

Will iPhone 7 come with OLED screen technology?

The S year is finally over and this year, Apple will release the next iPhone flagship. As it has become a norm in the tech world, speculations about the upcoming device’s features are all over. Major tech sites have narrowed down on the possible hints of what to expect, ranging from a slimmer profile, wireless charging to the possible removal of the headphone port.

In some cases, the rumors end up being correct while in other cases they turn out to be simply wrong. However, there is something different with the rumor surrounding OLED screen technology.

One thing that makes us take this rumor with a grain of salt in the eye is the fact that a few years ago CEO Tim Cook labeled OLED technology as “awful,” CNET revealed. On the contrary, the Apple Watch, which was released last year April, use OLED technology. In short, Cook’s opinion may have changed and in fact, many companies that Apple is competing with in the smartphone world have switched to OLED screen technology with Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola, LG, and OnePlus included.

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