Latest Viber 5.7 Free Download Brings New Functionality to Android and iOS

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If you are bored with using other messaging apps such as WhatsApp or even Facebook Messenger, there is an amazing app in the shape of Viber free download.

This application is currently home to more than 600 million users, but most of them are based in Asia, the app’s home continent. This application is a real viable alternative to WhatsApp and other chat apps thanks to the fact that it offers all the services available on the Facebook-owned app in addition to other services that are unique to it.

You can have the app installed on quite a number of platforms, among them mobile phones, tablets as well as PCs. Each of these platforms has a standalone application; however, the mobile app must be installed first for the other tablet and PC versions to work. Once installed, users can enjoy all of its services from any platform, be it messaging, voice or video calling. The app further allows users to make affordable calls to non-users via their mobile phone and landline numbers.

If you feel like not talking to anyone, Viber lets you follow Public Chats and see what your favorite celebrities and brands are up to. Better still, you can enjoy playing Viber Games with your friends on the platform for free, which is just more than amazing. There is no doubt that Viber can be a perfect WhatsApp alternative, but you will have to convince your friends to join the platform to enjoy it to the fullest.

Just recently, Viber introduced the ability to delete sent messages where users can get rid of messages they sent remotely.

Viber 5.7 free download is here to kill Snapchat

The latest version of Viber for iOS and Android is v5.7 and according to the company, this new app brings quite a number of additions on board. The obvious addition revolves around performance and fixing bugs, but there is another update that will for sure spell doom for the leading photo and video sharing app in the U.S. – Snapchat.

The new v5.7 of the chat app introduces Viber Wink, a standalone app that turns Viber into Snapchat. The app allows users of Viber to exchange photo or video messages that disappear after a user predefined period.

How Viber Wink works

As mentioned, Viber Wink is a standalone app that is also free to download and install on iOS and Android. Using the app, it is possible to snap a photo or record a short video of up to 10 seconds, add text to the photo and then set the time you want the message to last in the device of the recipient. Once the message is viewed, the timer will start to thecountdown, and when the predefined time expires, the message expires.

The new Viber Wink also allows users not to choose any predefined period for the messages to be deleted – messages that are referred to simply as photographic or video. In such a case, the sent message will appear in the general Viber messages, but once it is viewed, it will be deleted automatically after a given time.

Just like Snapchat’s disappearing messages that are perfect for sharing moments you don’t want to last forever, Viber Wink comes in with the same purpose, allowing users to choose how their photos and videos are received.

You can get this app right now from the App Store or Google Play free, but you must update your installed Viber version to the latest v5.7. Otherwise, Viber Wink won’t work.

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